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  • I’ll try to add some extra debug information into the development version over the weekend so we can try to diagnose what’s going on. Thanks for sticking with it.

    I’m having the problem with settings not being stored in the admin page. The plug-in sounds like it will be ideal for our intranet use… if I could get it working.

    I’m using version 0.2.1a in WP 3.2.1.
    I’ve used the shortcode on a blank page but only get the search box showing on the front-end.
    The widget option also just shows the search box.

    Do I need to set up the HTML fields before anything will display? Are there any checks I can run to see if the AD information is being read?

    Thanks 🙂

    I have also the problem with settings not being stored in the plugin page.
    I have 0.2.1a plugin version and WP 3.2.1

    Is development version fixing this issue ??

    Could anybody (Curtiss) help, please ??



    The development version fixed saving the fields for me. I also switched to running XAMP, so I’m not on IIS anymore, but Apache. I still end up getting errors when I go to the page with the shortcode on it.


    I’m having some problems with the developement version
    First of all, the settings still don’t store for me, but this can be avoided by putting everything in the class-active-directory-employee-list.php file.

    After i do that, im getting 2 errors after trying to search on a page with the shortcode, the widget doesn’t show anything.

    Warning: ldap_search()[function.ldap-search]: Search: Bad search filter in: adLDAP-extended.php on line 255

    Warning: ldap_get_entries() expects parameter 2 to be resource, boolean given in adLDAP-extended.php on line 259

    Some help would be appreciated.

    That’s weird. That warning should have been fixed by the dev version of adLDAP-extended.php.

    Are you using the Active Directory Authentication Integration plugin, too? If so, can you update that to the dev version, too?

    Hello again,

    I wasn’t using the Active Directory Authentication Integration plugin, but to be sure i downloaded the dev version of that and tried using the adLDAP-extended.php of that, but no luck, i still get the same errors.

    I have the same problem. It seems that parameters are not stored and there is no results when I use the plugin as well as a widget or as a shortcode.
    Conf: WordPress 3.2.1 and ADEL 0.2.1.a

    After writting the configuration directly in class-active-directory-employee-list.php, others problems comes.
    It seems that a connexion error occurs:
    ad-LDAP-extended.php line 101: “Cannot connect LDAP server”
    The ramdon_controler function seems to be the problem (for us)(ad-LDAP.php line 2294).
    The function is waiting for dc1.something and dc2.something. We are putting here just one element which look like “mls-something”, provided by the sys-admin.

    Hello, using the dev build to resolve the parameters not stored problem.
    Both the widget and shortcode return no results found and entering a search term results in an error message.

    [30-Jul-2012 01:54:47 UTC] [AD LDAP Debug]: Search Filter: (&(objectClass=user)(samaccounttype=805306368)(objectCategory=person)(|(samaccountname=*scott*)(=*scott*))(memberof=cn=All ATP Employees,OU=Users,OU=Philippines,OU=Asia,OU=Site OU,DC=atg,DC=lc)(cn=*))
    [30-Jul-2012 01:59:59 UTC] PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function apply_filter() in /volume1/web/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/active-directory-employee-list/classes/class-active-directory-employee-list-output.php on line 57

    Is there any suggestion or advise you can offer for this.

    @lukkas35 – When you wrote the configuration options directly, did you make sure to set the domain_controllers option to an array? The random_controllers() method will work just fine with 1 controller, but it expects the list to be an array (even if it only has 1 item).

    @srgill – I just uploaded a new dev version that should fix the fatal error you were getting. I’m not sure yet what might have been causing the empty results, but let’s at least make sure the fatal error is fixed before I try to diagnose the next issue. Thanks.

    Thanks. New dev version fixed the fatal error.
    Now I’m unsure why no results are returned.

    I can connect and return results via ldapsearch.

    ldapsearch -h hostname -x -b “OU=Users,OU=Philippines,OU=Asia,OU=Sit
    e OU,DC=atg,DC=lc” -D “” -w “password” “objectClass=*” displayn
    ame department

    Woud you be able to offer any suggestion to troubleshoot.
    is the The Active Directory group(s) setting mandatory or can this be left blank?
    Currently its set to to retrieve a group in the format “All SubCompany Employees”

    I’m also having some problems (using the dev version).

    Can’t get settings to store, unless all fields are filled in. I want to use anonymous lookups, but can’t delete the username/admin fields (or should this stay populated with “admin”)?

    Also when using the shortcode, i just get “[ad] Empty ad slot (#1)!” displayed on the page.

    The widget also returns no results.

    Este plugin no funciona

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