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  • jbearak,
    This is an awesome plugin, tried some of the others and I could not get them to work.
    So here is my issue: I have 1.3 working great, running 2.6.2, if I upgrade to 1.4 or 1.5 it breaks authentication altogether. Just continues to give errors of wrong password. Any ideas what might have this effect since 1.3.

    another new development. 1.3 now allows any password to be used when enabled. As I thought AD was working, any password works. example: user account: johnd password: password (setup in wordpress), enable plugin, password works, AD password works and so would xxxx….$$$$, doesn’t matter what you put in there!
    Any ideas?


    Sorry for the long delay in replying — does not seem to send emails to let me know their are any replies.

    One, use 1.0.5 and not 1.0.3 because of the reason you just listed.

    Two, I have not updated to 1.6.2. Does you have issues with this plugin when using 1.6.1? (1.0.4 and 1.0.5 are the same, just that I neglected to update the metadata for the plugins directory the first time around.)

    I do have 2.6.2 installed, I tried this on 2.6.1 and could not get it working either. Just comes up with incorrect password, I have the following set:
    domain controller:
    base dn: dc=corp,dc=company,dc=org
    tried putting in ou=Americas or other doesn’t make a difference.
    We do have OU’s set for contries and then OU’s under those for remote users, contractors, locations in the countries, etc.

    Steps: upgraded to 1.05, removed old user (could logon using WP password only), recreated user, tried to logon with either WP or AD password failed.

    Tried some of the different settings, around base DN with no luck
    Thanks for any help or insight you may provide.

    Just to be totally clear, do you have “account suffix” set? If so, the name in the WP database needs to be usernameAccountSuffix. So, if a username is jdoe, and account suffix is @foo, the username in the WordPress database is jdoe@foo (, but what the user needs to type to log in is jdoe.)

    As for failing at the WP password level, this does not make sense at all. This plugin disabled the WP password box. You could not have set a user’s password, not without first disabling the plugin. If you can set passwords, some other plugin must be interfering in some way and overriding this one (I think).

    I do not have anything set in the “account suffix”, it is blank.

    As for logon I would use jdoe and whatever the AD password would be, however, that currently returns the error and is unable to logon.

    The only setting currently configured in 1.5 is domain controller.

    Hi jbearak,

    Like dustinb44, I too can confirm that the 1.0.3 plugin works fine on my wordpress 2.6.2, but not 1.0.5 (I didn’t test 1.0.4 as I ran out of time for now).

    The only difference I can see between 1.0.3 and 1.0.5 is the addition of $this-> for a few of the variables (?), which I don’t think is the cause, and the changing of function from skip_password_check to override_password_check, which now compares whether $this->authenticated is true or not. I think this could be the cause, i.e., it never find $this->authenticated to be true, and thus returning $check, which is false.

    PS: I’m not a PHP developer so I apologise if the term I use above is not correct.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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