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  • I’m setting up a new WordPress MS with Active Directory Authentication Integration and was hoping to use this plugin. After installing the plugin and setting it up on the base site without issue, I created and attempted to log into a new MultiSite sub-site, but the AD authentication failed. After logging in using a local account, I discovered that none of the AD settings that had been entered into the base site propogated to the other sites in the network (either new or pre-existing). The plugin is there, and the Network Activation has forced it to activate in all subsites, but the settings are empty and nothing authenticates until the AD server and other settings are entered.

    Is this by design, or has something gone wrong with my installation? We’re putting together a network that will have 100+ blogs and about 225 users, all utilizing Active Directory, so having to manually configure the AD settings for each blog (the settings are identical) would be a bit of a setback. I could put together an external script to go straight to the DB and automate it, but I’d rather avoid a database workaround if possible.

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  • I too have come across this problem. Is it something I am missing in the configuration steps?

    Our goal is to have a multi-site WordPress set up, where new sites can be created by the Super-Admins, with a admin of the new site being a user in AD, but the actual authentication process for each site is tied into AD. At the moment we can get this to work, but we have to put the same configuration details into the AD module for each site we create.

    Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

    Plugin Author Curtiss Grymala


    If you network-activate the plugin, it has two places you can set the settings.

    If you go to Network Admin -> Settings -> AD Authentication Integration, you can configure the settings for the entire network (all subsites). If you go to Site Admin -> Settings -> AD Authentication Integration, you can configure the settings for a single site (you can even override the network settings for an individual site).

    If you are not seeing both of these settings pages, please let me know and I’ll try to take a look. Thanks.

    I may have a similar/related problem. First, I too don’t actually see settings under Network Admin to configure for the entire network. I only see for each subsite even though I activated it for the network. I’ve NetworkActivated the plugin and in fact made sure I had multi-site working before installing the plugin. I’m OK with that because we don’t have a ton of blogs.

    I have another problem that might be related: when a user logs onto site B and she already exists in site A, the user is indeed added to the site B, but is redirected to the login page of site A. She just has to go back to site B and login and it works, but it is annoying.

    Could this be because I’m on WP 3.4?

    Hi Curtiss,

    Thanks for the update. I have checked the Network Admin -> Settings and There is no entry for AD Authentication Integration. Only “Network Settings” and “Network Setup”. We are using WP3.4.

    It may be important to note that originally this plugin was installed and configured when WordPress was a non-multi-site installation. The installation was then moved to multi-site afterwards. Obviously we have deactivated the plug in and then Network activated it when we went multi-site.



    Hi Curtiss,

    This is still an ongoing problem for us. I have waited until we got WordPress upgraded to a more recent version. The server is now on version 3.5.1. We still have to configure the Network Auth for every subsite we configure. This has been OK while we have been experimenting, but now it is unworkable.

    I am very happy to help troubleshoot. If it of any help, here is some more information:

    The issue is that we don’t get an option to configure this for the whole network, we have to configure it for each site, even when the network installation is enabled.

    The system we are running is:

    Window 2008 R2
    IIS 7.5.6
    PHP 5.3.24
    Wordpress 3.5.1

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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