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  • UpdraftCentral version: 0.5.1
    WP/4.7.3 PHP/7.0.16 MySQL/5.5.5 Curl/7.29.0
    (MariaDB 10.1.21)

    Installed and activated UpdraftCentral Dashboard with no visible problems. Went to add a site and got:

    Error: Table 'dbname.wp_updraftcentral_sites' doesn't exist

    Checked apache error logs and found:

    WordPress database error Index column size too large. The maximum column size is 767 bytes. for query CREATE TABLE wp_updraftcentral_sites

    Quick duckduckgo search found:
    MySQL error: The maximum column size is 767 bytes
    (stackoverflow, yes, I know, but it had the answer…)

    So looking at updraftcentral/classes/activation.php(69) I found the table creation query. I suspect the issue is the index on the url field (based on what I see you have done with the sitemeta table below that).

    So since I have the following set in my my.cnf.d includes:


    The quick-and-dirty solution for me was to manually create the table and specify the InnoDB Row Format as DYNAMIC. Though I suspect that limiting the url index size for the sites table as you have done for the sitemeta table would probably do the trick too.

    So I just manually created the table for my environment like so:

    CREATE TABLE wp_updraftcentral_sites (
    	site_id bigint(20) NOT NULL auto_increment,
    	user_id bigint(20) NOT NULL,
    	url varchar(300) NOT NULL,
    	admin_url varchar(300),
    	key_local_private blob,
    	key_remote_public blob,
    	key_name_indicator varchar(200) NOT NULL,
    	description text,
    	sequence_id bigint(20) DEFAULT 0,
    	remote_user_id bigint(20) NOT NULL,
    	remote_user_login varchar(60),
    	remote_site_id bigint(20) DEFAULT 0,
    	connection_method varchar(30),
    	send_cors_headers tinyint(1) DEFAULT 1,
    	PRIMARY KEY (site_id),
    	KEY user_id (user_id),
    	KEY url (url)

    P.S. Sorry about back in the fall, but things are going well for me in my own ventures so far. 🙂

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  • Also, it appears that added site are specific/visible only to the single user that added them. Is that intended?

    Plugin Author David Anderson



    Thanks for the report. I’ve taken the index off the “URL” field when creating the table on new installs now, as I think that must be the one overflowing.

    Also, it appears that added site are specific/visible only to the single user that added them. Is that intended?

    Yes – each user can have their own list. We are also working on a solution for people who prefer to share them, as that has been requested a few times.


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