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  • Chris


    I am deep in the weeds trying to troubleshoot formatting issues with a plugin. The plugin is activated, but one thing that doesn’t look quite right is in the Admin > Plugins > Editor, the .css files for the plugin say “(inactive)”.

    Is this right or should they say “active?” Don’t really know if this matters, but if it does, I can’t find any reference to activating individual files. If they should be “active” how to do that?


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  • I am so confused. I’ve been searching online for almost the entire day, but can not get any answers, so I’m so sorry if I post this on the wrong link/under the wrong question. But my question is – how to I get a plugin button on my administrative site? I really want to get a LinkWithin widget on my blog (, but I can’t see how this will work without a plugin. I even have got my own domain, because I understood that the blog had to be self hosted to get this widget…


    forumusr : I found what caused that problem. I edited the plugin files while the plugin was activated and this screwed things up. Try deleting the plugin entirely then reinstall it. When you edit the plugin make sure it is inactive and then activate it when you’re done. Did the trick for me.

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