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    ok, I have turned on achievements > made an award > went to change image > and it said something like > First you must upload an image to your wordpress media center > I uploaded an image and it still says it…

    I have actually a lot of images in my wordpress media area already..

    Why is it not recognizing any of them? hhelp?

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  • Plugin Author Paul Gibbs



    If in Achievements’ settings, you’ve put something into the search keywords, try clearing it. Otherwise… are you using multisite? Is BuddyPress (and therefore Achievements) running on the one site or network wide? If network wide, have you uploaded the pictures to the BP_ROOT_BLOG (usually site ID #1)?

    Honestly didn’t even know about the Achievement settings on the back panel. But I checked it out – and there were no search keywords. Try putting in some keywords thinking maybe it wasn’t bringing anything up because of all the images.. and that didn’t help either.

    So then I went and decided to look @ the blogs.dir folder which is honestly used very rarely.. but under ID #1 I saw the files folder and inside that folder there was an avatars folder and maybe a podpress folder

    anyways, I added the specific Image i wanted to use to the files folder, to the id#1 folder and I created a folder called upload inside the files folder and placed the image in there.. I did this because i’m not sure where at I was supposed to upload the image in the Root blog folder..

    Well none of this seemed to work and I still get the same thing in the beginning:

    First you must upload an image to your wordpress media center

    thanks for the help so far 🙂 I’m completely lost though.

    Plugin Author Paul Gibbs


    I don’t know. As long as the images are on the BP_ROOT_BLOG (as I said, unless you’ve changed the setting, this is blog ID #1), and BuddyPress is running network-wide, they ought to show up. I will do some testing this week and see if I can recreate.

    What versions of WordPress, BuddyPress and Achievements are you using?

    I believe I am using wordpress 3.1.2 and the latest version of buddypress.
    and am on a Multi-Site wordpress blog. w/ Achievements active network wide.

    *went back and added an image to every one of my blogs and still no go*

    ps: I have had 1 issue w/ buddypress where I can’t get my forum topics to work – I can’t imagine the two being connected in anyway, but just letting you know. I never bothered to fix it cause I don’t use the forums.

    ok goood news!

    Shortly after updating to wordpress 3.13 my website slowed down to a screeching halt forcing me to modify plugins – adjust themes etc.. to fix the bug or actually a multitude of issues. (one of the many things that comes w/ using a lot of plugins)

    Anyways, this forced me to update my theme – I was using an older version of swiftthemes customized for buddypress – and now I have updated to the newest version of swift customized for buddypress. ( THis has fixed my issue )

    So in the end it was just an outdated theme issue..

    Sorry for bothering you, I didn’t realize my theme was so far behind i guess.

    Plugin Author Paul Gibbs


    Excellent, I’m glad you figured it out

    Well, actually I can see all the images, pick up one, than try to click on that “Update picture” button, and nothing happens …
    Something is wrong somewhere, as it does not seem to update the image information, and I am stuck with that ugly gray man as an image 🙁

    “Edit” part works well, gets updated and everything it’s only with the image

    Could you please post a solution?

    BP latest official stable version (as of 20.06.2011), WP 3.1.3


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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