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  • Currently, the “Block Admin Access” option does just that. This is a blessing and a curse: I automatically created the accounts for an employee group of nearly 100 users. They login with that password and our redirected (by this awesome plugin) right to the front page.

    However, the automatically generated codes look like gH^pztr2TSie and “Block Admin Access” means that they cannot change their own passwords. So I have to choose: let them login to the ghastly backend and try to find their way back to the site’s front pages/posts or have them each hound me about not being able to change their password.

    Thus far, I have chosen the former, but I am here because I was hoping to find a solution…

    The new version of the plugin due out in a few weeks will let you redirect them to a page on your blog (or the login screen), and allow certain pages to be allowed. So you could write a page template where they could manage all their information from the front end.

    I paired this with Peter’s Login Redirect to achieve the same, with great results. But thank you for your continued work in developing this plugin.

    v1.3 adds a lot more control to allow certain pages and manage the auto-redirect.

    my blog path is and wordpress is installed

    When accessing my blog before login, i am redirected to

    after login, I am getting 404 page, redirected to

    Apparently something is wrong with my redirect. Any suggestions?


    Open absolute_privacy.php with notepad++ and change line 733 from < 2.8 to > 2.8 save your changes and check again.

    Did it worked?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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