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  • 1. Shortcode functionality (as posted previously)

    2. Ability to list & customise 20+ ‘About.Me’ profiles on a single page (eg: staff list). This way, staff can easily update their own info, and share as much or as little as they wish. So plugin will need a main title, and the ability to sort order.

    3. Widget photo – option to pull in the “Bio Photo” rather than the image used for the full screen background.

    4. More customisation, eg: for choice of colors & fonts displayed in the widget.

    Thanks. 🙂

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  • Hi Ryan – are there any new features to try out in v.1.0.4 ?

    PM, not with 1.0.4, we just fixed a small error handling issue. But we are working on v1.1 with a bunch of new features. Will let you know when its ready.



    Hi Ryan

    Just received notification of v1.1 – I’m looking forward to trying the new features.

    Can we customise by adding parameters to the shortcode ? (I don’t use the widget at all).

    Hi Ryan

    Any news on whether extra shortcode functionality has been added to 1.1.1 ?



    Hey PM, we’re going to start working on a new shortcode in the next few weeks and should have something close to our core embed feature soon.

    Thanks again for your patience.


    The only request I have is: take a look at what you’re doing that makes this plugin consume so much resources. I’ve seen the code, and it seems pretty straightforward. Why it becomes so easily a resource hog is beyond my understanding. Do some tests with profiling tools (there are plenty around; I like P3), and see what you can come up with.

    If you have unlimited memory and resources, the impact of the plugin might never be noticed. But if you’re like me, living in a very constrained scenario, the plugin simply consumes vast amounts of resources — memory, CPU, disk access, and so forth… — which is not worth the trouble, when embedding the Javascript will give you pretty much the same thing, without a performance penalty.

    Aside from that, is so useful for people to find me that I’m glad there is such good support around 🙂 so please keep up the excellent work!

    Hi Gwyneth, we’ll look into it for you and will get back to you.

    Thank you! As said, your best choice is to run a plugin profile and try to figure out what happens. I have just tried it on my own blog, which happens to have quite a lot of complex plugins — none, however, which were consuming so many resources as about-me.

    I suspect — but cannot confirm! — that the trouble might be from opening a remote call to get all the data from before returning that data properly formatted to WordPress. When doing that, there might be huge timeouts, which force the user to wait on the page — and the profilers will catch that delay.

    By contrast, when simply embedding the Javascript, without using a plugin, this is called asynchronously by the browser (since it happens at the front-end, not at the moment the WP core and plugins are being processed), and there is no penalty — it’s just one of many of the multiple calls to render the page, and once it’s honoured, the page will display the widget, sooner or later, but the rest can be rendered while that call is pending.

    This is just a wild guess, mind you. I might be utterly wrong 🙂

    And maybe this discussion should be forked outside this thread for feature requests?

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