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  • 1. Shortcode functionality (as posted previously)

    2. Ability to list & customise 20+ ‘About.Me’ profiles on a single page (eg: staff list). This way, staff can easily update their own info, and share as much or as little as they wish. So plugin will need a main title, and the ability to sort order.

    3. Widget photo – option to pull in the “Bio Photo” rather than the image used for the full screen background.

    4. More customisation, eg: for choice of colors & fonts displayed in the widget.

    Thanks. 🙂

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  • Hi PhotoMaldives.

    1. We’re definitely doing this.

    2. We’re working on a product that will allow you to do this, just in a different way then you described. But would love to hear more about how you would do it. Please email me if have a free moment

    3. That can be done, just need to prioritize it.

    4. Doesnt it just pick up the style of your blog? Do you want us to define a separate style for you?

    Thanks for your feedback!


    Hi Ryan

    Thanks for your reply – I’ve just sent you an email.

    1. Good news – do you have an ETA ?

    2. This could prove to be an excellent & unique solution.

    3. There could be cultural differences at play here ! I see that many of the AboutMe profiles have a fullscreen background photo of themselves, but some of us are not quite as outgoing !

    4. Yes – I think you’re correct here – I don’t use any widgets on my site, currently, so the CSS is probably not optimised at all. A few specific settings might be useful though, for tweaking the layout to best match the page/theme.

    Good luck with the widget/plugin.

    1. No ETA right now but will let you know when there is one.

    2. Got your email. Will talk it over with the team.

    3. Thats true. Do you just use a smaller picture of yourself for the bio photo? Just trying to understand the underlying issue here?

    3. Yes – I have used a small (cryptic) image of myself as the bio photo, and a large inanimate one for the background. Coming from FB, this seemed to make most sense at the time, although after looking around About.Me I soon got to see what you were intending the use to be.

    Emily Rose


    I agree, I was a bit shocked when it pulled in my background photo instead of my profile photo. When it is supposed to be about me and not my background image. Also, I agree that allowing us to choose which elements we want displayed and in what sizes. For instance, I don’t need my name displayed under my photo, when the site is clearly my blog with my name on it, so being able to remove that element would be very useful. And the size of the header is quite large when pulled in from the CSS of my theme, so being able to choose that size to make it smaller would be very useful.

    Hi Emily,

    We can add the option to choose between the bio photo or the background. And can also add the option to display your name or not. Can you post the URL of your blog so we can investigate and prioritize?

    For the header, isnt there an option to choose the size of the header?



    Emily Rose


    I don’t see an option to change the size of the header, and by header i mean the text <h1> <h2> <h3>

    I currently don’t have the plugin on my blog, because I was waiting for the update, but my url is

    Okay got it. Will look into it the changes and will get back to you soon.

    Emily Rose


    Thank you Ryan

    Emily Rose


    I did put the plugin on my site now. And I got some feedback, so I would like to suggest the following options. Allow a checkbox for these elements; image, name, tagline. That way if there is redundant information on the site that it’s on, then we can turn them on/off as needed.

    Okay, great. Do you still want the option to choose your bio photo? We can do all of them.

    Let me know.

    Emily Rose


    Yes, its a great idea to allow either photo, or none.

    Thanks, Ryan for the excellent support you are offering via email.

    If anyone else wants to join in with feature requests or discussion, there is work going on behind the scenes to improve on future releases.

    (And a HI to Emily Rose !)

    Thanks PM. Yes, there are some great changes coming for V1. We also just finished a v1 of a shortcode. Let me know if you’d like to try!

    Thanks : )


    Hi Ryan – yes, if I understand you correctly I have already tested the shortcode and emailed you about it. (Or is there another revised version ?)

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