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  • I was looking for a flipbook plugin and was led to this site. The site describes it and offers three versions. I decided to go for the PRO version and buy it. The download link was not available after the transaction and I had to e-mail Sébastien STRAZIERI at his gmail address “”.
    Eventually I received an e-mail with the file attached. I installed the plugin and attempted to configure it. From the start there were big problems with it. The update flag popped up and I duly updated it, this action reverted it back to a trial version which also had big problems. I e-mailed again and was advised not to update, and also a request for the version of PHP & WP I was using. I replied with the information straight away. I waited a few days and sent another e-mail, in it I explained politely that I had purchased this in good faith and expected that I would receive a stable working version of the plugin, I also added that I could have purchased this type of plugin from any number of wp-plugin developers online but chose his based on his description of specifications and features, and asked for a solution asap.
    After a further protracted period of silence I e-mailed again and asked for a full refund on the grounds that his plugin was not fit for purpose as described on his web site, and I he had failed to offer any remedy for the issues I documented, despite numerous requests.

    Sébastien STRAZIERI responded by saying (in french now!) that because I was thinking of shopping elsewhere he was not prepared to give a refund!

    I raised a dispute with PayPal and the result has just landed –

    “After careful consideration, we’re unable to decide this claim in your favour at this time.
    The item is ineligible for PayPal Buyer Protection because it is intangible.”

    I am now of the opinion that Sébastien STRAZIERI will be no stranger to this type of ruling, and I urge anyone thinking of purchasing anything from any website associated with this name, to think twice before parting with any money at all –

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  • Plugin Author AW360


    Hi Mr Dettman [ ],

    Thank you for your interest !

    The new Pro version 2.2.1 has be sent to you. Sorry for your PayPal misadventure, but they know it’s working as many plugins are sold by month and we don’t have lots of annulations (just people who try to get pro plugins AND refounding).


    No so much a PayPal misadventure, more an informatiquedefrance misadventure, I did receive the ‘New’ Pro version and surprise surprise it is just as poor as the previous versions – IT STILL DOES NOT WORK!!! – I take issue to your inferring that I am trying to obtain your software dishonestly by claiming it does not work in order to achieve a refund, I am not a dishonest person and never will be – I do however look for value for money and with hindsight your product fails miserably in that respect, and your after sales service is completely abysmal. If you do not posess the technical programming skills to produce a stable piece of software that actually works you might want to consider changing your line of work – get a job in a kitchen, then all you need to do if something doesn’t work is add more garlic –
    Bon Appétit

    Plugin Author AW360


    Please consider we’re giving private lessons, don’t hesitate to ask for a cooking PHP quote in order to personnlize your install.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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