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  • From a technical standpoint, this software may work very well, I never got to fully test it because upon activating it, I was informed that my site was “vulnerable to attack.” At which point I was told to upgrade for which I could pay a mere $14.99 for a one time fix (with, of course, standard and advanced subscription options).

    That’s what I call a SCAM!

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    cscottb –

    Sorry to hear you feel that way.

    Remember that our software gives you full technical details on the vulnerabilities found, and also provides you with full fix instructions (including code patches where relevant). You are welcome to review these instructions, which are available on your dashboard (and do not require any kind of payment). If you still feel the vulnerabilities shown are incorrect, please contact us at with the specific vulnerabilities in question, and we will provide you with proof of concept code where possible.

    My statements have nothing to do with weather the reported vulnerabilities are correct or incorrect. It has to do with the fact that you misrepresent this plugin by making these statements in the description:

    “These (security vulnerabilities) are then automatically fixed before hackers can exploit them.”

    “Our automatic security scanner finds and protects against:…”

    “6Scan Security includes an agent that runs on your server to rapidly fix all security vulnerabilities found by the scanner.”

    “you are immediately protected.”

    “Once 6Scan Security is installed, no further action is required to keep your site protected.”

    Which are all misrepresentations that infer that upon the installation of this plugin, you are, at that time, protected; when in fact, you are only redirected to an option to pay for protection or resolutions for problems found.

    In another post that expressed the same sentiment, from a year ago, you state, “We mentioned in more than one place that scanning by Patrol is FREE and you can upgrade your account with a small fee of $10 per month to automatic-fix security vulnerabilities found by Patrol; we will add additional description to clarify that.”

    And yet today, there is no such statement to be found in the Description, Installation, or FAQ. Where, please tell, have you clarified that?

    And on top of that, you change the status of such post, including mine, to resolved, when in fact, they have not been resolved!

    This is why, I consider how you represent your plugin a SCAM. is becoming an ad-platform of its own.
    more and more plugins are “free” but require a paid “service” …
    its really time to clean this mess. could raise its funding sky-high getting paid a few bucks for every of those (thats whyt i call it:) “annoyances”.

    free should stay free

    and to the “plugin”: after reading all the support threads i will definitly stay away from it.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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