• The plugin refreshed and this created many problems on the website. The pages what the ultimate plugin protects on the websiteif the visitors do not log in then they can not see them in the menu and another problems are in the design, the ultimate and the design editor do not work together now.

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    Hello @dona13

    I certainly understand you are having issues but I could not really understand what issues you are having. Could you please explain what exactly are you having issues with? If you are able to share some screenshots, that would be even better.

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    Hello, yes, the design is good now, it has improved, but the menu hasn’t. I can’t upload screenshot so i try to explain the problem one more.
    I use the ultimate member plugin on my website and i use this option on my some webgpages:
    Ultimate Member: Content Restriction -> Who can access this post? -> Logged in users
    So far i saw this webpages’ names in the menu as a visitor (log out) too, but if i klicked on this webpages in the menu i couldn’t look at them, the website redirected me to the login page. Now if i am a visitor i do not see them in the menu at all, but they are there, beacuse there are empty lines in their places in the menu if i klick on such an empty line in the menu the website redirect me to the login page.
    So my problem is my menu has many many empty lines if i do not log in the website.

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