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  • Resolved mpachec0


    I need to un-install the “Log cleaner for iThemes Security” pluggin.

    I deactivated the pluggin but it still shows up as active on the left menu of my admin area. There is no delete link next to the pluggin in the pluggins window.

    How can I un-install the pluggin?

    Thank you for your help.

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  • Plugin Author Michael Ott


    That’s odd. It’s not even something I could control if I wanted to, as the Deactivate/ Delete links are all handled by WordPress (as developers those links are not something we have to code into our plugins, WordPress just does it automatically).

    Maybe your role has been changed and you can no longer delete plugins? I wish I could help more but as I mentioned, the behavior you described is not something I could make happen – on purpose or accidentally – even if I wanted to.

    PS: I just logged in to a few sites that I run the plugin on anyway – and I do have the option to delete it (after deactivating first of course).

    Good luck. I’d still be interested to know what the problem was when you solve it.

    Thread Starter mpachec0


    All other WordPress pluggins that are deactivated have a delete link next to them and I have been able to delete pluggins in the past. The “Log cleaner for iThemes Security” is the only pluggin that does not have that option. The pluggin is still shows as active icon on the left menu even though it has been deactivated.

    Plugin Author Michael Ott


    I’m honestly not sure what I can do about this. There’s nothing special about the plugin that it can magically manipulate the way WordPress creates the Deactivate/ Delete links. And I can’t remove them on purpose or by accident.

    The only other thing that comes to mind is: are you running on a multi-site? Maybe the super admin has locked down the plugin from being deactivated or deleted.

    Another possibility is there is a security plugin that is preventing interaction with it.

    I know nothing about the setup of your website, but I found this thread on StackOverflow which has some a possible solutions:

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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