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    Hello. Sorry for the spelling but I am using google translator. I have a problem with the plug on mobile devices. When the user clicks the “buy” button, he is not transferred to the payment form and the message “page not found” pops up. This only happens on phones, it works properly on a computer / laptop.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hi @deroy94!

    Let’s try and check if the checkout page is created correctly. Please go to WooCommerce > Status > Tools, search for the Create default WooCommerce pages option, and click the Create Pages button.

    Then, try again to see if the issue is solved.

    If it persists and is only happening in mobile, the issue could be a conflict with your theme or with a plugin.

    To determine what could be causing it, please temporarily switch your theme back to Storefront, disable all plugins except WooCommerce and repeat the action that is causing the problem. If that solves it, then re-enable all plugins one-by-one, until you find the one creating the conflict.

    You can find a more detailed explanation on how to do a conflict test here: https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/how-to-test-for-conflicts/.

    I hope this helps!

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    I made these pages but it didn’t help. The problem persists and only occurs on mobile devices. I removed the add-ons and still nothing. The theme I’m using is ListingHive

    Then it probably could be a conflict with your ListingHive theme or with a plugin as well.

    To be sure, you can temporarily disable all plugins except for WooCommerce and switch to one of the default themes like Storefront and double-check with a test purchase as a customer.

    Read more about plugin and theme conflicts here:

    Let us know how this goes for you.

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    I have successfully fixed the problem. Now I have a question, is it possible to set the automatic order status to “completed”? I have an advertisement page and I would like it to change the status itself when someone buys an advertisement promotion package and not me manually

    We are glad it got fixed! 🙂

    Now I have a question, is it possible to set the automatic order status to “completed”?

    Yes, it is possible. Please refer to this documentation to achieve that:

    Since this is a new topic, please create a new thread so everybody can benefit from your question and its answer.

    I’ll mark this thread as resolved now.


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    Thank you for your help. Everything works as it should 🙂 Very useful plugin rated 6+

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