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  • What you are describing is actually too easy for any serious Suffusion poster to have suggested you need a plugin — so you must have requirements you are not describing here or that I cannot understand by your post.

    If you literally just want images that link to posts as shown in your popcritics reference link: create a page, insert the images, use the edit image screen to enter the url of the post for that particular CD into the “Link URL” field.

    You may have to fiddle with getting the images aligned depending on your layout, but I’ve done it often using three images, aligning first left, 2nd centre and 3rd right. Again that part can be fiddly but it does depend on how you’ve laid out your site.

    If you are using Suffusion and you add the Suffusion Shortcodes plugin, I’ve found using the multi-column shortcode makes it easier, as I can just use align-center for all images in a three column layout.

    🙂 Thanks for your reply gcaleval.

    You have described probably the easier but more time consuming way of doing it.

    I didnt explain properly.

    It would be preferencial if i could just make a Post, and it was represented by an image on the cat page, and then you click it would take you to a singular post.

    Another example is here:
    This example has a small piece of text, but I know that the admins of this site just prepare a post for each recording and the image and text is automatically added to the category page through coding.

    Therefore I wondered, and I guess the other people at Suffusion wondered, was there a plugin to help me do this.


    Well I’m pretty that koolwaters is using the NexGen Gallery plugin to display that page. Whether or not not NexGen does what you’re describing, don’t know.

    The way I’m understanding your description now does not sound like an easy piece of coding. Essentially you want to create a post, add an image while creating that post and have the image from that post populated to a completely different post, page or gallery, with a backlink to the original post?

    Maybe some gallery plugins allow for automatically adding all images from a specified category — that would be one way to get there.

    Another would be to use Gravity forms, but that would involve some upfront overhead in coding the form that would replace your post edit screen.

    Sorry I couldn’t be of any help. Your question is a good one and if you find an answer please be sure to share it here so the rest of us may benefit from your search.

    I did respond to your forum post. You can do this in Suffusion without any plugin using the Mosaic Layout. To enable Mosaic Layout, go to Suffusion Options → Layouts → Category Views → Full posts / excerpts / list / tiles / mosaic, and set it to display mosaic. This will show a thumbnail for each post, which upon clicking will take you to the post itself.

    Thank you Sayontan. Excellent 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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