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  • I’ve done quite a bit of searching the WP Plug-In Repository, but I’m not finding what I need. Maybe I just missed it, but I’ll ask here.

    Does anyone know of a plug-in or tool that can move/import my existing blog images into the default directory structure (wp-content/uploads/year/month) for the WP 2.5 Media Library?

    Better yet, is there a plug-in/tool that will not only accomplish that, but also update my previous blog posts with the new location of the image files (so as not to break the previous blog post)?

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  • Just curious if anyone had figured anything out with this. Thanks!

    there are some. search database maintenance plugins , and you will find a few. they an help you not only with the migration.
    one I know to work (with search&replace function is this one :

    Search Regex Plugin

    read on more types of DB plugins here :

    WordPress Plugins To Help You Administer Your Blog

    (you will find both DB maintainance AND image/permalink migration plugins in that excelent page)

    if you want only permalink migration :

    or search migration, permalink, images on the plugin page.

    I don’t see any solutions to the real problem that the author is having, and I’m having.

    Maybe this is our answer:
    Add From Server

    I looked on the WordPress Plugin site too and I don’t see anything.

    If you have a mature blog with WP 2.0 that has a lot of media – even if that media is organized by year/month like WP expects, there is no way to make that media available to WP 2.5 media management. WP 2.5 lacks the “import” function to scan for new media files that were uploaded by FTP or other plugins.

    There are many reasons for this:
    (1) Use of IImage plugin in the past uploads files. This used to be the most convenient way to manage images. But it no longer works under WP 2.5. Which might be ok since the media manager is actual smarter than IImage.

    (2) Large files, or large collections of files – say 10 or more files, or a few large zip files – are more conveniently uploaded using an ftp client such as Filezilla.

    We very badly need a plugin that will allow us to manage the Media control tables inside the new version of WP 2.5.
    SEE ABOVE. Maybe this is the plugin we need… Hurrary

    Thanks much

    Agreed. I’m trying to merge 2 blogs. I imported the WXR fine, but I still need to move all the images over and it would take far too long to do them one by one.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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