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  • Well since you ask, I couldnt find the perfect ‘feed includer’ (or whatever the term is) where you can manage urls /backgrounds etc from some admin panel rather than having to get into the script..

    I’m looking for a way to indicate recently updated blogs on my list of links without running cron jobs. Seems like there would be a way to do it through technorati or some such.

    For the love of everything sacred please make a plugin that utilizes the api at

    I’d like to be able to create a video album like this:

    Automatically by using that api located here:

    Please oh please don’t you realize the cool things you could do and how famous you’d be all over the blogosphere?!?!?!?!

    Here’s a good list of plugins to get you started, just make sure they’re WP 2.0 compliant first.

    My list is here: plugins used.

    allthewhile: I like your idea for a youtube plugin. I’ll post back when I have something to show.

    this is what I got so far:, will complete it, then create a plugin for wordpress.

    Closer to being done with the plugin.

    Currently, able to show
    1. a random user’s video
    2. a random “featured” video
    3. a gallery of user’s videos
    4. a gallery of “featured” videos

    I need to add admin features (userid, editor buttons etc.)

    Feedback welcome.

    for one thing, I hope you could help me out… I’ve been searching for the best way to create an “upload_author_image” plugin, and I’ve seen a lot of articles.. (I will still start to code the plugin this week if I have the time).
    The uploaded picture will be stored as a value in a new field within wp_user table. That’s what I am trying to do right now. But I sure hope someone could help me out with this…

    Also, we have the existing Userextra plugin which currently does not work with the new version. The pre-requisite plugin of the plugin (usermeta) conflicts with the functions.php. Error says that there is a missing function.
    I hope someone could just make a plugin that has these features:
    1. uploads and stores user’s image/avatar
    2. creates new user fields (Interests, Hobbies, slumbook stuff which could help advertiser’s determine how to go about the content of your site)
    3. display user info. globally on any page within the site

    Am I the only one who reads the OP as a request for “must have” plugins to install on his/her blog…? And no way as an offer to write plugins 🙂

    Nope. I read it the same moshu. :/

    rjsbunni, I don’t think there are really any “must have” plugins, but if you gave us an idea of what you’re looking to do with WordPress, perhaps a few will come to mind.

    If moshu and Kafkaesqui are correct, one of my favorite “decorative” plugins is Image Headlines –

    Yeap, the thread got jacked because of some speed-reading.

    And in the spirit of thread-jacking, anybody know a good css/html/php editor for linux ?

    Words mean different things to different people, especially in our global world. Perhaps another post should be started to “ask for ideas for new plugins”.

    Please see this thread
    As the B2people hack seems to have disappeared with B2, how about recreating a plugin that would do that.
    A sort of friends photo and description database that would linkify their names automatically when typed in a post and allow a popup to appear with the info on rollover or click.


    VaamYob, check out Bluefish, which I’ve used before and found to be a pretty cool programming editor.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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