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  • Good morning!

    I am trying to install the Share and Follow Plug-in zip file (1.70.2)via the ADD NEW plug-in option and I am getting this error message:

    “Unpacking the package…

    Installing the plugin…

    Destination folder already exists. /hermes/waloraweb082/b2093/moo.xlntadventurecom/wp-content/plugins/share-and-follow/

    Plugin install failed.”

    I had tried to install the plug-in previously, but did not have enough space. My hosting company expanded my space, but I am still unable to install.

    Thanks for the help! Much appreciated…

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  • delete the directory and start again

    Best way to delete the directory is to use your FTP client (possibly Filezilla) and just right click on the directory and choose delete.

    Also your hosting company might provide a control panel file manager than can do the job also.

    So yeah, just go to the server how ever you want to and find the /wp-content/plugins/share-and-follow/ directory and delete it.

    Many thanks for the Donation. 🙂

    I am a relatively new WordPress designer. I have about three plugins I cannot live without when building, Share and Follow is one of them. I even blogged about it.

    I recently purchased the CDN on one of my own sites and I am hoping to continue using this down the road for clients. Keep up the great work and thanks for the plugin!

    After Install and activate (using wp 3.3.1) I am getting the following messsage on out webpage:

    Notice: Undefined index: google_buzz_link in /webspace/10/48929/ on line 213

    Is there any help ???



    now we are getting ONLY on our homepage the following message:

    Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /webspace/10/48929/ on line 648

    or we are getting:
    Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$ID in /webspace/10/48929/ on line 648

    all other pages working fine ….!!

    Just guessing, but are you doing some sort of custom query and changing the WP_query object, but not calling wp_reset_postdata();

    The place where you are getting that error is when $wp_query->get_queried_object() is returning some sort of null or otherwise error value.

    It’s easy for someone to say ‘delete the folder or directory’, but while you are trying to fix a problem DO NOT DELETE A FOLDER/DIRECTORY. Temporarily RENAME it – I use zzzname). That way, if you need the folder/directory or any of it’s contents it’s still available.

    It is almost a law of nature that you won’t need the folder or directory UNTIL right after deleting it.

    Hi there

    I am trying to download this plugin but the wordpress page for it seems to be down. i also can’t find it from within my dashboard.

    anyone know anything about this or have the zip folder for me?

    I would like to install it and pay for CDN.

    any help would be appreciated.

    my email is ptaljaard@gmail


    @dave, it is the fix for a part install to delete the files and start again. No need to save the files or re-name the directory on this occasion. Also with my plugin there is nothing kept inside the files, it is all rebuilt on install or in options arrays. So when I say delete, it’s the best option.

    @ptaljaard, not sure why it has been removed, trying to find out now.

    I’ve added the zip of the latest version to my website so if you need it you can download it there from the homepage

    just click the download link


    My bad. I didn’t realize you were the plugin creator and therefore speaking from a point of authority. Whenever I see a comment along the lines of ‘just delete everything’, I think back to when a call to Microsoft Tech Support trying to find a solution to a problem elicited the response ‘just reformat your hard drive and reinstall everything’.

    I have gotten into the habit of renaming a problem file or possibly un-needed folder something like xxx(name). That way I can go back if I need to and if the fix is good, I simply delete the xxx(name) item.


    I do dig your point of view. As my first boss would say, rename it to .ori (gosh ’89 seems like a long time ago now). Yes “just reformat and start again” makes me want to eat the telephone/keyboard when I hear it from support staff. such a nightmare of useless info, as if you wanted to do that you would not have phoned/emailed them in the first place

    @all others with recent upgrade issues, the plugin is on-line again thanks to the peeps at

    Oh happy day.

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