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  • WordPress has a built in link manager. I wonder if it would be possible to make a plug-in which could display and sort links based on their category, date of entry, or keyword. I’ll try to explain.
    Imagine a new page added to your site. We’ll call it links.php . On this page there is a list of links (looks like a search result in fact). Only it is just displaying all of your links, most recently added links at the top.
    At the top of this page, above the list of links, would be a drop down box populated with all the link categories which have at least one link assigned to them, with “all links” selected by default.
    In this way the user can browse your WordPress links and if they like, constrained by category -or- from somewhere else on your site you can send people to this page with a link like “see all links in this category”, which would be linked to something like “/links.php?linkCat=2”
    I think that for sites with a broad range of resources in hopelessly divergent categories, such a tool would be extremely useful.
    I would add to future versions of the plug-in the ability to make links keyword searchable via a “search links” text field (placed beside the dropdown). Searches would be performed on both the link title and link description, and returned in the same display format as the category constrained lists.
    Anyone who can offer any insight on he feasibility of such a plug-in, please shout out. Also, if the ability to accomplish this already exists within WP 1.2, or if you know of another plug-in which accomplishes this or something similar it would be great to hear from you.

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  • I would LOVE such a feature! Especially if you could assign multiple categories to links, and use the category/subcategory feature in listing links. And to be able to list links according to the contributing author…
    Faith 🙂



    Did anyone ever do this?

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