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  1. bck5WG
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I have to call the attention of WP experts. I installed the plug-in, Page Numbers Page Navigation to get page numbering. It seemed to work fine-- it added page numbering at the bottom of the page. Until I noticed something fishy. It also added page numbering at the top of the page at the header portion. Not only that, every now and then, a little spammy link would appear at the header section for "cheap clothes", and whatever other link. I immediately deleted the plug-in. Then I got a notice that 2012 theme had been changed and I deleted that theme as well. That fixed the problem.

    The point is, could you just please fully vet your plug-ins before putting them out there? The Page Numbers Page Navigation plug-in is a spammy plug-in. When I see a plug-in in the WP directory, I'm assuming it's safe and tested, but apparently this one was not.


  2. fusionpeach
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Wow, thank you.
    I'm try searching this plugin and found it removed.
    Your post give me reason why.

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