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    We built a form using the plug-in. Some interesting things are happening when it gets sent to the SalesForce side once a user fills out the form. Can you please let us know if this is a bug? or is there something we need to do in SalesForce so that the content coming from the form translates correctly to SalesForce (SF)?

    Here are the issues we are seeing:
    1. The “How did you hear” field is a drop down in SF, but on our form, we built it as a textarea box.
    2. “Services interested in” field is also a drop down in SF, when it should be a multi select.
    3. We currently only have 7 fields on our form, but when we go to SF we are seeing all kinds of other fields that are not on the form. Is there a way to only see the fields on the form, and not these others in SF?

    Thank you for your time.

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    These are not bugs, SF configuration is a vast and complicated topic. This is a simple plugin. You do need to configure it correctly to match your SF instance to get the best results. As you can change your SF instance the plugin generally cannot make many assumptions and relies on you (the one with access to your specific account) to ensure it’s configured correctly.

    See the plugin faq for more details on fields, types, custom fields, etc.

    1. You should generally mirror the field type in your form (for SF built in fields). If you want a free entry “how did you hear” field, we’d recommend using a custom field.

    2. I’m unclear what your question is here. You can change the field type in the plugin to a multiselect if you’d like… if you want to change the type in SF itself… do that in SF in the lead field customization options.

    3. Customization of SF is outside the scope of support we can provide here. The answer is yes, you can tweak the lead layout at SF, but if you need help with that… consult SF help or support.

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