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  • So, I am trying to set up my blog and add a bunch of plug-ins before I set up the design. Am I doing this backwards or something?

    I am having trouble with the following plug-ins, some of which are very popular and well-rated (possibly more):
    Better SEO slugs
    Editorial Calendar

    Some background:
    1) I found a bunch of plug-ins and clicked them all to install in a batch
    2) My wp-admin screen went blank as did my site (
    3) Thanks to VegasGeek, I learned how to remove the plug-ins one at a time. I removed a bunch and determined that Digg Digg (wp-admin) nd Poll Daddy (site) were the culprits.
    4) I attempted to reinstall of the the plug-ins on my list that I rendered inactive during my troubleshooting.
    5) When I tried to install akismet, Better SEO slugs, CryptX, and Editorial Calendar, I had trouble. I would search for the plug-in, install it, then activate it. Once I clicked on activation the screen went blank. Clicking back brought me back to an active plug-in installation page. Refreshing the browser of my site showed no difference.
    6) FYI – the following plugins were reinstalled with no perceived negative impact: admin quicksearch and all-in-one webmaster.

    Any clue as to what is going on here? Why are some plug-ins working and some not?


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  • esmi


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    Could be a number of reasons. Some plugins may be incompatible with your version of WordPress. Some may conflict with one another. Some may just be badly written.


    It keeps getting worse.

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