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  • Hi everyone

    I have quite a specific requirement and I am trying to work out how (or if) it can be handled by any plug-ins out there…

    Basically I am working for an arts organisation who organize free supporting workshops/talks/support/events for local crafts/artists. We built the site in WordPress and it includes things such as an ‘Events’ category and ‘News’ category. We are really chuffed with the website (WordPress, we love you!!) – It has become very popular locally and we are now inundated with local craftspeople who want to list their events etc on our site. So basically it’s also becoming a kind of local arts events listings site as well as our general site.

    However this is becoming a total pain in the ass! We just don’t have time to update 20+ extra additional articles per week – once we’ve gathered all the details, uploaded pictures etc… it becomes a real nightmare.

    In an IDEAL WORLD, what I would love love love to have is something like this:

    1. Users sign up (I am considering installing buddypress so they can create their own profile but this is another topic altogether)

    2. Once signed in, they have an option to ‘submit events’ where they fill out a simple form (eg. drop-down date/time selection, venue, 500-word description, contact email/tel, maybe upload a photo).

    3. We quickly screen the submitted events, when approved they automatically go live into the suitable category, eg. news or events.

    <<< this would be FANTASTIC!!

    In an even more exciting fantasy world, I would also love love love this option:

    – Once a week we are able to very easily export all of the new events with all the details and send them out in a newsletter to the entire member-base, formatted nicely and cleanly. If this was done automatically we would be the happiest people on earth, and if not then ho hum. It’d still be great. I know they could just use RSS to follow it but most of our users are not web-savvy at all so it’s difficult to explain that to them and would be easier to email it to them.

    …I know this is a lot to ask of something that is ultimately a blogging platform but I am wondering if there are any plug-ins, or combinations of plug-ins that might be able to do one or two of these functions (especially the first one)


    Thanks in advance!

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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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