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    Just want to mention there is an apparent conflict between Ad King Pro and The Events Calendar plugins. When Ad King Pro is activated, any new calendar entries in The Events Calendar default to 1-1-1970 when you select a date from the drop down date selector. You have to manually change the date and the order (i.e., from 30-9-2013 to 9/30/2013). Not sure whose issue, or if it is even an issue to the respective developers, but others are reporting this issue on The Events Calendar support forum, so thought I would share it here since Ad King and Events Calendar is the apparent link. Thanks.

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  • Plugin Author Ash Durham


    Hi Jefflabonte,

    Given the amount of people that have downloaded the calendar plugin against how many have downloaded mine, then I would suggest its not just Ad King Pro that is causing the issue.

    As the issue is actually occurring in the other plugin, it would be better for that plugin owner to investigate what the cause of the issue is. I’m happy to help if he finds that there is a conflicting issue with my plugin in particular.

    Let me know how you go.

    Thanks. I only have Ad King, Events Calendar, and JetPack running as plugins. I really don’t know why the two plugins don’t play nice together, but they don’t. I gave them the same feedback, so we’ll see if anything comes of it.

    Events calendar actually works fine if I deactivate Ad King, enter events, then reactivate Ad King. Nothing gets messed up after I reactivate all the plugins, and everything on the site works fine. It’s an extra step, but hardly the most cumbersome workaround I’ve ever encountered!

    Plugin Author Ash Durham


    Hi Jefflabonte,

    Thats not really the point. The plugins should work in perfect harmony together. I have replied to your post on his support page since it is his plugin that is having the issue. Its not really my place to be debugging his plugin.

    As mentioned, if he finds that there is something in particular with my plugin causing the issue, i’m perfectly happy to work in with him to get this working properly for you.

    Plugin Author Ash Durham


    Hi jeff,

    I’m not quite sure why your reply is blank here, but I was able to read it in my email, for reference:
    “Jefflabonte wrote:

    Actually, I would suggest it IS the point; that point being making WordPress tools work for me and for my site. You’re right, they SHOULD work in perfect harmony together. You’re right, you shouldn’t be debugging his plug in.
    But here is the fact of the matter: I am not a programmer nor do I want to be. It is not my place to be debugging either one of your plugins. I found a way to make these plugins work together – at least temporarily – so I don’t have to waste my valuable time messing around with codes and settings I don’t understand. I have a website to run.
    We are talking about a calendar plug in and an ad management plug in. Either the problem between these two will get fixed, or when my workaround becomes too cumbersome and I have the time, I will find a new plug in. It is that simple.
    I know it’s free; but I am religious about supporting developers and open source programs that I use that work. It is the right thing to do. I know many others abide by his unwritten as well or guys like you wouldn’t do what you do. But it’s gotta work.
    I like your product a lot. I’ll use it and even support it until the workarounds reach a point of diminishing return for me. Or until AdKing and Events Calendar figure out how to play nice. But that is not my issue, it’s yours or theirs.”

    It sounds like there has been a bit of miscommunication. Let me clear some things up first.

    What I meant by “it’s not the point” was that you have a work around that works” having that isnt the answer. We, the plugin developers, should find out why it’s not working for you. I understand your not a programmer and I’m not expecting to you be. In my other post on the calendar forum, I was directing my reply to the calendars plugin owner, not yourself.

    I completely agree that it’s not your issue and also agree that if something doesn’t work for you that you have every right to try other plugins, no one can stop you from doing that.

    Please understand that I, in no way, thought or expected you to figure out the problem yourself. My suggestion was that the owner of the calendar plugin be the one to debug HIS own plugin as the error is occurring on his side, regardless of whether its due to my plugin or not. This is because, even if I do look into his plugin and find the issue, there is nothing I can do to his plugin to fix an release it for you. The most I can do is inform him of that. And because it is his plugin, it will probably take him half the time it would for me to track the problem as he will know his own code.

    Please accept my apologies as it was never my intention to upset you. Yourself and every other WordPress user are the reason why we plugin developers are able to exist, we need you just as much as you need us so I will be doing everything I can to hold on to you as a supporter of my plugin.

    I see he hasn’t replied to my post on his forum. I will post another to clarify my post was directed to the plugin owner and not you.

    Hopefully we can get this fixed up for you sooner rather than later 😉

    Hi Jeff and Ash – thanks for your patience while we took a look at this problem: I have updated the other thread with our findings.

    At this time we don’t feel it is a problem for Modern Tribe/The Events Calendar team to address but it does seem with a few changes to Ad King Pro both could play nicely together.


    Thanks Barry and Ash, you guys seem to have identified the thingamabob that is conflicting with the whatsit 🙂 Hopefully it dies result in a smooth resolution, these are both such good plugins I really want them to work together properly.

    Plugin Author Ash Durham


    Hey Jeff,

    Just wanted to let you know that V1.9.3 is released with the fix that will make your live alot easier 😉

    Let me know how you go


    Yessssss! Thanks so much. Working like a charm right now. Really appreciate the fix.

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