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  1. seat214
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    A friend is doing me a site using the avada theme with woo commerce but we have come to a dead end regarding shipping methods etc.

    I am wanting to specify a price for an item based on weight, so ideally two options but then for that product to have a price depeneding on where in the world it is. Because our users will ship their own products to anywhere in the world, but are based around the world.

    So i cant have a price for Uk to USA the same as USA to USA. This is causing us a problem.

    Is there a plug in or a solution anyone is aware of.

    Please help and thank you.

    Regards, Joe

  2. seat214
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  3. seat214
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Does anyone have a solution for this or know of a plug in etc?

    Thank you.

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