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  • Hi All,

    This is my Blog i need everyone’s Feedback please! Critiques are welcomed too. I am all about improvement so please let me know what i am doing wrongly what i could improve upon and what i should probably get rid of. (this could be anything, the theme, the content, fonts anything at all)

    I have tried asking my freinds but none could offer me feedback 🙁

    Your input is appreciated

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  • A couple of comments and things to look at:
    1. There are too many items in the top navigation menu bar so they get cut off and don’t all show on narrower screen widths.
    2. The items in the top and main navigation menu are the same
    3. The typography for the main content is very small which makes it hard to read
    4. The left aligned banner ads on the top and bottom look a bit odd. Might look better if was centre aligned.
    5. The image under “Inspire” in the sidebar is a link the main image, which isn’t very useful. Maybe remove the hyperlink
    6. The square ad in the sidebar is too big for the width of the sidebar so gets cut off.

    Hey there PremiumWp,
    I actually sent a reply through email to the post the same day you sent your why it did not post here is beyond me. Anywhoo

    Thanks PremiumWp i really appreciate you taking out time to review my blog. Your feedback is detailed and straight to the point i like that.

    I also have some certain questions, i have struggled with the below listed issues but i haven’t been so successful finding solution to tackle them

    for example

    1. I tried removing the number of items on my navigation menu but i don’t know how to include it somewhere else on my blog i tried the sidebar and the footer widget but it didn’t work, i would appreciate if i can get some knowledge on how to work a drop down menu . I am just open to any suggestions at all on how to tackle this issue

    2. Having a top and main navigation being the same bothers me, i never had a top navigation until i installed the vision theme bodegazine and that how how the theme works i am yet to figure out how to take down the top navigation

    3. Typography. Please do you by any chance know a plugin that deals with font size? Any suggestion at all will work.

    4. Center alignment of top banner ads. the header and footer plugin i use does not give options of alignment, please if you could suggest any Ad plugin that handles that i would really appreciate it.

    5. i would remove the hyperlink ASAP thanks for the info.

    6. Width of Sidebar ad. i am on that thanks a bunch

    Your suggestions have been extremely useful and i await your reply


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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