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  • Good day to all! 🙂 Can anybody be kind enough to help me with my problem?

    When I first posted my blog, it worked fine. I can see it when I view my site. But then, when I edited it, it doesn’t seem to show up anymore. When I go to my site: , what shows up is Not Found. Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here with a search box below. Then, when I go to my Archives> categories> random thoughts and uncategorized, there is an error 404 error.

    Pls help me with my problem. Im still a newbie with wordpress and php so I dont know what to do. Is my problem in my sidebar or in my index page? Btw, Im using Cpanel x for my files.

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  • Check your posts, and make sure the time stamp (you will see a box to the right of the post labeled just that, Time Stamp). I’ve seen with some servers if the post date is faster than the server clock, the post won’t show, and will exhibit the behavior you are experiencing.

    Also try a new post, and check the time when posting as well.

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