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  • I am in the process of writing up a few articles on “Using Plogger” and getting it to work exactly how you want it to, they should be all out this week. As of now, it is extremely easy to integrate into your existing site — this was a priority in our development. You literally just need to drop in three PHP statements to your page, one include, one function call in the HEAD, and one function call in the BODY. Not only that, but you should be able to get the gallery to fit the style of your site by modifying the included gallery.css file.

    If you guys get a chance to use the beta, we would love to have your feedback, good or bad. We will be taking feature requests (like the private gallery one above) for the official release. Thanks!

    This looks like what I have been waiting for. I want to easily sum up some photos on my website and I really don’t need all the extras that Gallery and Coppermine provide. Not saying they are bad products, just saying that they are WAY to good for me. 😉

    I will do some testing with integration to my current blog, will let you know how things turn out. 🙂

    Hello Solana,

    Just took al look at your site/gallery and posted a comment with a few suggestions there. 🙂 Looks really good and tried it out locally without any problems.

    Just for maintainance issues, would it also be possible to delete images also physical when you delete them from the database?

    Looks good from what I’ve seen on the website. I’ve been using SPG, but have been VERY displeased with the way it handles storing image/folder titles and descriptions; and Gallery is apparently impossible to integrate into WP.

    I’ll be testing this out and let you know what I think over the next few days.

    Moxie — the code for “unlinking” the images after deletion is in the script, but it appears to not be working. I’ll look into this, it could be a server configuration issue.

    A few problems have been exposed as a result of this beta test, primarily with Internet Explorer. Apparently you cannot create any albums or collections with IE. I’ll be looking into this and posting a fix for you IE users (if there are any :)) soon.


    great script will keep checking back for info

    Yupp. It looks great. I might try it once the documentation is up.

    Ok, the IE problem has been fixed. If you have already downloaded the script and want to use it from Internet Explorer, you will need to redownload the binary.

    The only files that have changed are plog-manage.php and /css/admin.css. Just upload those two files and you should be patched.

    Word has it that someone is working on integrating this with WP1.5, I will post updates on my blog.

    Solano, can you post updates here as well?

    Of course. 🙂

    solano: how about mod_rewrite support? I noticed those crufty uri’s in your demo gallery. Other than that it’s schweet! I’ll be trying it out tonight.

    Ryan, that’s an excellent idea. You had me churning all day at work (my boss was not happy :).. I’ll see what I can come up with.

    solano any chance of the gallery being able to link in with posts? user makes a post, hits a quick tag locates the image from the plogger gallery and selects it and it’s in the post?

    This seems to be shaping up really well, and it integrates nicely it seems. Guess SPG may soon be replaced.

    Jinsan — this kind of thing is a lot more complicated than it sounds. Having a tighter integration with WordPress would be wonderful, but truthfully I just don’t have the time or resources that I’d like to have to dedicate fully to this script. I am a full time student and have a part time job as well, between these two I have little time to work on side projects. Anyway, thanks for the great suggestion — WordPress integration may see the light of day sometime in the future.

    Has there been any word on making this a plugin for WP ?


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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