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  • I’m trying to use the plugin in a responsive theme and running into almost every problem mentioned here so far!

    First the image map itself was stretched (in Safari and Chrome, not in Firefox). So I downloaded the Responsive Image Maps plugin and that seemed to solve the stretch.

    This plugin also seemed to fix the dark grey box above my pop up images.

    But now I have two of the other problems…

    When I click a link, the pop up image is stretched. It’s not as bad as the image map was, but almost seems to be trying to fit a certain size.

    Second, the image map areas are in the wrong place.

    How can I fix this?!

    Also, does anyone know if this is the plugin’s issue or image maps in general? If I tried to code by hand, would it work or have the same problems?

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  • Plugin Author Spike



    Can you try to switch the new layout for the popup window on? You can set it from Image map settings under Image Maps tab.

    The old layout is made with jQuery UI and for some reasons there are some stretching bugs I haven’t been able to track down. The new layout is made for the ImageMapper and it should be overall more stable.

    For image map areas being wrongly positioned, I suggest that if you can, please check (for example with Chrome’s developer tools) if the all layers of the image map are equally sized. Basically this means two images and a canvas element. They can be located in a div with ‘imgmap-frontend-image’ class. Or to be more specific in a div with ‘mapster_wrap_X’ ID in the imgmap-frontend-image div.

    It seems that the first image gets often resized, but the other two layers (an image and a canvas) don’t.

    “Use new popup layout” is already set to “yes”.

    Looking into the second part of your instructions now…

    I left this for a bit to work on another project, by my client is clamoring to have this done and I’d love to make this work! Please help!

    Sorry… your instructions to fix the map areas being wrongly positioned are too difficult for me. I can access code, but can’t figure out what you mean for me to do.

    Also, they’re still off in Chrome and clicking the areas brings up a completely stretched out photo. :\

    Hi, I was having a similar issue, where my image and map were being oversized. If I controlled the image size via CSS, the map was still oversized, thus wrongly placed. I was able to fix it, as Spike suggests, by simply setting the ‘imgmap-frontend-image’ class width and height to that of my original image, no responsive plugin was necessary:

    .imgmap-frontend-image {
    width: 605px!important;
    height: 529px!important;


    Can you please tell me where you put this line of code. Did you put it in imgmap_style.css? If so, I just tried that and it didn’t work.

    Pop Up Windows are not working for me. Everything else is.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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