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  • Hi guys,

    Im new to the forum..i hope someone can help me. Im about to cry. Its a celebrity gossip blog.

    I have adsense ads on it and also Technorati ads. I somehow screwed up the code somewhere and I dont know where I went wrong, but now my Technorati ads wont show up in Safari…And in Google Chrome the ad disappeared and took half of the sidebar with it. The ads however, do show up in Firefox.

    The ad is supposed to be in the sidebar right under the “video of the day” and above the picture of the iphone. Its supposed to be in between the two. The ad is pasted into the sidebar.php file, its not a text widget.

    do you think its possible to find that problem? i have no idea what i did wrong. whatever I did is major! because even when I change the theme, I still dont see the ads. :-(. I tried uploading a copy of the same theme and changing it just to see if it fixes the problem, it doesnt.

    And I know its not a browser issue because my friend has Technorati ads on his site and I see them in Safari just fine. I messed up the code somewhere.

    I think it may have been when i tried to add some “like” and “share” facebook buttons to the single.php file…but i was working in the some of the other php files today too…so it could be one of them. truthfully it could be ANYTHING!


    Please help.

    Thank you so much!


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  • You have some validation errors, missing closing tags for meta, and a stray closing script tag would be a good starting point.



    thank you for your response. i got the sidebar back working and everything looks good on safari and chrome, but the ad still doesnt show up in safari! thats so weird!

    thank you for linking me to that page..unfortunately i dont understand most of it lol

    I just noticed that the ads only show up in the post about DJ Cipha Sounds lol….the dont show up on the home page or any other posts. thats so weird

    With Google AdSense you are limited to three ad blocks on any single page, you may already have the maximum of three in the sidebar and header.

    You can have three links as well, but to many ads might turn off visitors.



    I am aware of that. These are not google adsense ads. These are Technorati ads. theres something wrong with the code. oddly if you click on this post

    the ads show in the sidebar just fine (theyre the long 600px length ones)

    but they dont show up on the main page or in any other post. i dont know why because this ad wasnt placed in a post, it is in the sidebar. there are two of them…one is a text widget, and the other one is actually in the sidebar. the ads show up on all pages in Google Chrome and Firefox, but only on the above link in Safari.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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