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  • I don’t know what I did – when I view my blog – it takes me to my last post and I can’t see any of the others. I tried adding a new post to see what would happen and it takes me to the same previous post and not the new one. I’m using Blix as my template.

    I tried to set up categories and then this happened. I dleted my categories but the problem still exists.
    All my posts are there – under manage – but they are not there when I click view my blog. Please help – I just got it all done and now I’m totally stuck. I’ve searched the forums and the archives for help – but I can’t find anything. I know it must be a really simple obvious fix – but I can’t figure it out. Thanks

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  • Can you provide a link to your site?

    it is unlikely but your theme maybe designed to show only one post. Link would help.

    I haven’t changed the theme and before I tried monkeying with the categories – I could see all the posts in order of the date – with the very same theme – blix. When I go to the theme files – and click on them – what does that do?

    Any other ideas? Could I have possibly made that post somehow an index page and there is no sidebar to navigate to other posts – so you can’t go anywhere except for the post that comes up when you log in.

    how about a link?

    If you visit Options -> Reading, and look at the top option, what do you see?

    And how about a link?

    Thanks for your help!! When I go to options – reading – I have selected 25 posts to be viewed at a time. As for a link – I am so new to this – I’m just lucky to be able to post. I couldn’t even get my posts into categories successfully. I may be too much of a novice for WP – but I wanted a password protected site. Are there places where a novice can get BASIC instructions. When I started I found a site where someone put things in laymens terms and I was able to figure out how to insert an image.

    I got rid of my glitch. I deleted the only post that was showing up when I went to view my site and all the others are working properly – it must have just been a bug of some kind in that particular post. Thanks for trying!! I’ll keep reading & learning from those who generously take the time to post & help others. TGIF!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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