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  • Hey!

    I am looking for a pledge format donation plugin. I saw ‘SponsorMe’, but it hasn’t been updated in over two years and the plugin web link is invalid. That is almost what I am looking for.

    You know how people pledge money per mile for a walk-a-thon or marathon type event? That is what I am looking for. Money won’t be collected until the day of the event and, what they actually pay won’t be determined until that day either. The total due will be based on the miles actually walked by that person. So, if they pledge $10 per mile and the person runs 10 miles, they owe $100. But, if they only run 4 miles, then $40. Very easy concept.

    I would prefer not go through an outside crowd funding service and be able to set up my own merchant API along with PayPal, etc. But, for now, I just need away for people to sign up to sponsor a person in an event and pledge an amount. The option should exist to pledge a total amount, if so desired. As well as, the option to donate now would be great. too.

    Trying to build something like this is little above my skill level. I can plan it, design the flow and the look, but writing the code, that’s a little different. Any takers?

    Thanks for your time and thought into this!! Have a good one!!

    Lisa Rose

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