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Please visit this wordpress work and suggestions welcome …

  • Hi,

    Thanks for taking your time to read my first post here.

    I am a newb to wordpress and just recently try to establish my site using it. I already amazed by how easy things become, just begin to learn how to fine-tuning the site by using plugins or so.

    As a new guy, I greatly appreciate any critiques so I can keep going accordingly! The site is:


    Please offer your feedback, thanks.

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  • whooami



    i love the pictures but the site is a mess in firefox. Maybe it’s me?

    I second Whooami – exactly the same…

    whooami, thanks for your comment. It is a dillema for me actually, I try to maintain the original image size so some times the pic will cover the sidebar area …

    Thanks guys, seems I need to limit the image size, but I really want to keep the big size for the beautiful pics. Is there any theme suitable for this?




    If I were you, I would use a theme that provides enough space to accommodate the images. Right now you are limited to under 581 pixels width wise in the <div> that holds your post content.

    Ditch that theme, find something that gives you more room 🙂

    The pictures are good but I must admit I found their to be too many on one page. Perhaps it’s be better to categorize them to enable the visitor to browse each section rather have them all on one page?

    Thanks funkster, it is a very good point. Now please see my update work based on all you guy’s inputs. Again, it is PicturesInn

    Feedback strongly appreciated!

    Something’s wrong mate. The images are much bigger now, about 600 x 600 or even bigger and it took ages to download!




    They’re big but they fit on the screen for me (i have widescreen monitor)

    Me too but visiting the page for the first time, the size hits you in the face. Most people have 800 or 1024 screens. Maybe it’s just me.

    Very nice pictures! 🙂

    Thanks guys, I just want to show the big pictures if I could to impress people, but certainly not big size and slow speed. Hope this will work …

    Now my site is 1.5 months old ! Again, Welcome any feedback !!


    How about small sized pictures, around the 200px area, and some lightbox action, which will expand the pictures to their original sizes?

    Ne kadarını sustuk konuştuklarımızın. Her şeyiyle bu yazılanlar da alntıdan ibaret.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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