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  • I’ve followed the instructions linked to the installation section for installing WP locally on a Windows XP system using Xampplite. It worked flawlessly and I can access WP and do everything EXCEPT import an export file. I exported from MT and have the txt file on my local system. When I select it and start the upload/import, very shortly I get:

    “File is empty. Please upload something more substantial.”

    I have checked the code as best I can, and followed some old tips from this support section, but nothing makes a difference. I’ve seen a few ask this without any reply at all. Does anyone have a clue? I was counting on this setup to work locally on a messy upgrade from MT to WP. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I really want to leave MT behind!

    I am using the latest WP download as of 10/28/2006 and Xampplite runs PHP 5.x and Mysql 5.x and Apache 2.x.


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  • Just to be sure, is this the instructions page you referred to? Importing_from_Movable_Type_to_WordPress

    If you open up that text file in question, does it have contents?

    Hi, not I was referring to this link for installing a copy of WP locally using xampp. It it quite simple and works very well for all functions I can try except for importing this file. And yes, the MT export file contains what it should and it does import fine on a webhost based copy of WP. Has anyone else run into this problem while running a local copy on Windows and found a solution? I can even “upload” images and such when making test posts, so I know the settings are correct. For some reason the tmpfile variable that holds the newly uploaded export file remains empty. Thanks for any help.



    Very weird–I too am having this error and I’m glad I found this thread:

    File is empty. Please upload something more substantial.

    I am trying to import an RSS2.0 feed that is validated perfectly. The feed has about 4500 posts, so is that the problem? The file is 8 megabytes in size. That doesn’t seem so large, though.

    Any assistance? I really need to import this feed and get this blog working asap.




    Sorry to bump, but it’s been 19 hours and I need to find out if there is some sort of maximum on file uploads that is stopping this RSS import and causing me to see “File is empty. Please upload something more substantial.”

    I searched for file uploads on wordpress, but all I get are info on uploading images, etc. Anybody have any idea how or why I am getting this “File is empty. Please upload something more substantial.” when I am importing an RSS2.0 feed?


    Check with your host as there may be a max upload size specified for PHP.

    You might try making a smaller sub-set of that RSS file just to see how things go.



    Yup, ended up splitting the 8mb RSS file into 25 smaller bits. Just finished importing it and all went well. 🙂

    I have two installations on two different servers (linux) and the first imported my MT entries without a hitch once I split the file in half. My other site is refusing to with the message “File is empty. Please upload something more substantial.” even though I’ve edited the file down to just three small entries. I see text in there and just for kicks I’ve imported them into my other installation and they worked fine. Any ideas? Using WP 2.1 & PHP 4.4.1

    Okay, found out its a problem with a setting in PHP.ini that I didn’t realize was there: file_uploads = “On”

    Any news on this?

    I have tried to import WP’s file both into my own server (with very generous PHP settings) and in my own laptop using XAMPP, and I always get the now dreaded “the file is empty. Please upload something more substantial”. Of course the XML file is not empty.

    Also, I have tried to get WP’s import.php to bypass the “import” aspect and directly read from the already-uploaded XML file, and it does the same thing.

    Perhaps someone could submit this as a bug? I don’t know how to.

    Any information will be appreciated, since it’s a little ironic that WordPress can import from other systems but not its own.

    Did you notice a couple of php configuration options already mentioned in this thread?

    max file size? file uploads?

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