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  • Resolved leonardorodriguez


    PLugin ver 0.6

    Was working fine until today

    Every non “wp core” css/js asset are not loading, with “Please update your Statically plugin” message

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  • Same to me, I do not see any order last two days and check my site, it was broken by Statically plugin

    Removed and site back normal. I hope this type of error not happen any more in the future.

    Is it working for you now?

    I haven’t checked yet

    No, not working

    Plugin Author Frans Allen


    Hi there,

    Thanks for your message.

    This error usually appears when you use the Statically CDN URL in other plugin settings. Be sure to stop this because Statically only works with the official plugin.


    But when i don’t use Statically CDN URL in Wp-Rocket, only core WordPress css/js get fetched from Statically.

    Other css/js get bypassed

    I used the url in the Swiftperformance cache plugin to serve the css and js created by Swiftperformance.

    It’s working before and Statically stopped it, why not allow to use it in other plugin?

    Plugin Author Frans Allen


    @leonardorodriguez We are stopping the CDN for CSS/JS on due to system stability, so we can continue to provide free services. However, you can still use it if you have a custom domain setup.

    @whateverfree2 Statically has its own official plugin, please support us by using our plugin so that our efforts are not in vain 🙂


    Thanks for reply. This is my case.

    I installed Statically plugin on my site, and all images are serve by Statically CDN.

    However, the minified CSS and JS file generated by SwiftPerformance plugin will not get serve via CDN.

    Then I enter the Statically URL into the CDN setting of Swiftperformance, then minified CSS and JS files get serve via CDN.

    BUT when you don’t allow Statically URL in other plugin Setting (Cache plugin), the minified CSS and JS file are not serve by CDN, useless for the site.

    So, must be upgrade to custom domain to use in Cache setting plugin, but it cost too much, even Stackpath can cheaper.

    I hope you understand.


    Plugin Author Frans Allen



    I certainly understand your needs, hosting all static files to Statically.

    This plugin supports WP Core assets and images, provides WebP and Quality options where it is fair for a free service.

    The only way to properly implement the CDN on your site is to use this plugin, and then we can maximize the functionality and features. Because when you use the CDN URL in other plugins we cannot control what assets are served with the CDN, and errors may occur (we cannot provide assistance for this). So that we can provide maximum support is by plugins that we have control of.

    Stackpath is also a good service, you might use them for CSS/JS and have the option to use Statically Free for images.


    @fransallen I’m ok with the service stop but, there was no notification at all?

    I found out about this, only by waking up in the morning and watch my site go down

    I get the free bla bla, but not the mistreatment

    If you fail to notify a breaking change like this, how am i supposed to trust you with my money?

    Plugin Author Frans Allen


    Really good question @leonardorodriguez, please check too 🙂

    ill-treatment is not permitted here, everyone must be treated well.

    However, this issue only occurs with the use of CDN outside of the official plugin.

    The only way to resolve the issue is not to use our free CDN in other plugin settings.

    With plugins that we have control of, it helps us to monitor services, provide the best possible features for a free CDN service. If you like what we do, please help us make progress by using the official plugin.

    I do use official 0.6, updated to last version, plugin

    No cache or other plugin settings

    It doesn’t work for CSS/JS from non wordpress core

    Plugin Author Frans Allen


    @leonardorodriguez in v0.6 CDN for non-WP Core assets are not available by default, but in v0.5 it is still on-hand.

    the reason we deactivate the CDN for “wp-content” in v0.6 is that we see this being misused, and of course we don’t want the service we love to be bad.

    Plugin Author Frans Allen


    Mark this as resolved due to inactivity.

    Just in case if anyone else gets the “Please update your Statically plugin” issue, please update the plugin or by not using our free URL CDN in other plugin settings.


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