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    That constant, annoying banner I tried to ignore finally suckered me in. I clicked over to the screen and saw the update button, but read the FUCKING TINY WARNINGS too late. Seriously–when the amount of work that you’ve apparently got to do before you update is such a load–because it could easily destroy everything you’ve created–why the fuck would you have an ‘automatic update’ button? Or should I say ‘kill’ button? And a banner that constantly annoys you to ‘update now’? GodDamn.

    Anyways, I ‘updated’, then I saw the warnings, so I back-clicked to kill it. Whew, that was close.

    In the middle of the night, last night, the blog reverted to a generic blog.

    Anybody have any idea how to recover the 100+ hours of hard work I did in creating my blog?

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    Did you update the default theme directly instead of making a child theme or a copy of it and making it your own?

    If so, and you don’t have a backup of your work … I’m very sorry.



    No–that’s the point I made. I just clicked the banner and clicked the update, and the blog died. Turns out my host had a backup from yesterday, thank god, although my recent posts are now lost.

    Dear wordpress: no one should be able to click one of your convenient ‘buttons’ and destroy all their hard work. You should at least see a warning box that makes it clear how dangerous it is to upgrade wordpress software.





    dear website person:

    take responsibility for your actions much?

    instead of continuing to bemoan something thats not going to change, why dont you rename the theme you are using so that its NOT the classic theme — a theme that IS going to be overwritten with every upgrade.

    oh, and then try backing up. In case you missed it — you ARE warned about that before proceeding with the upgrade.



    Why in the world wouldn’t you have a copy of your customized theme? That’s standard procedure. You know, to backup everything before you make any changes? It’s not WordPresses fault YOU didn’t follow standard procedure. Seriously? You actually SAID you didn’t read everything before you clicked to update and then said WordPress sucks. Because YOU didn’t read everything? People make me twitch. Sigh.



    Why in the world would I have a copy of the theme? Because upgrading is actually a serious issue, a dangerous procedure, and probably shouldn’t be left to merely pushing a little button? But wordpress is so big and fancy–why would they constantly press me to do something that would completely destroy my blog? Gee, I see a blog post coming on.

    Yes, you figured out I didn’t follow ‘standard procedure’, you’ve got me there. WordPress is apparently so awesome that ‘standard procedure’ is what’s necessary to protect all my hard work from one of their upgrades. Yes, you and a lot of others know how foolish an unprotected upgrade can be, and now you can count me in.

    It’s the first time I upgraded the blog, so I didn’t know what was ‘standard.’ That’s the point of my post–I had no idea that a wordpress upgrade could obliterate everything.



    Why in the world would I have a copy of the theme?

    You should have a backup of your custom themes so this type of thing doesn’t happen. I would have thought that would be obvious what with the troubles you had but apparently it wasn’t. If you’d had a backup you could have just upgraded and reuploaded your custom theme and all would have been well. I have a backup of my entire site on my computer. I’m not even sure how you couldn’t have a copy of your theme? Unless you edit though the editor in admin? I edit everything on my comp and upload it.

    Also, the upgrader only upgrades the standard WP files. This means that if you have a theme in your themes folder called “mytheme” it isn’t touched when you upgrade. The theme called “default” is overwritten however, because it’s a standard WP theme. So you should rename your custom themes. As a website owner it’s your job to learn these things — not blame the software when things go wrong. That’s a little like suing Mcdonalds because they didn’t tell you hot coffee might burn you. I have been using WordPress for YEARS without any problems I didn’t create myself. It’s not the FREE software that’s at fault… it’s YOU.

    And? If you don’t like the auto updater, don’t use it. Do it manually. It’s just a matter of deleting and uploading files.

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