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    Thank you for this hint.
    since I am using webpjs for decoding I can only support what its in there. Is there a newer version of webpjs? I haven’t found it.

    The only thing I know is the preview:

    But I can not fetch the code. Any ideas?

    Simple look into source code of that page. Here is it:

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    Thank you for this link. I downloaded it and will try to integrate it soon.

    Can’t wait for it 😀
    Because I used Opera with native support for all my new articles where I used webp images and noticed it later that nothing works in other browsers even with plugin.

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    You can fetch the 0.5 of wp-webp which has experimental support for libwebp-0.2. At the moment only the img tags with webp contents are decompressed and displayed.

    Please try it.

    Tried, nothing changed… Images are not displayed and in page source I still see
    webpjs-0.0.2.min.js?ver=0.0.2′ instead of 0.2

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    Did you change the settings under Settings->General to use the libweb?

    Just enabled experimental option. webpjs 0.0.2 no longer loaded but nothing else now too. Even with forced js usage still nothing. (Mac, Safari)

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    Well, seems to work here.
    What about

    Can you see this?

    I tested with chrome and ff. Maybe a mac problem with the library?

    I can see everything on first link. And on a second except embedded and object tag.
    FF, GH, Opera are with native support browsers -_-.
    I cen’t see that new js library even loaded.

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    great, so it seems to work.

    If you want to check if libwebjs is loaded you have to take a look at the source code an search for libwebjs.

    One time you will finde something like:
    <script type=’text/javascript’ src=’,wp-content/plugins/smooth-slider/js/jcycle.js,wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/wpml_script.js,wp-content/plugins/wp-webp/webpjs/libwebp-0.2.0.min.js,wp-content/plugins/wp-webp/webpjs/libwebpwrapper.js,wp-content/plugins/wp-forecast/wpf_update.js,wp-includes/js/swfobject.js&ver=4′></script>
    which tells you that bwp minify is used and loads libwebp and on the other site you will find

    <script type=”text/javascript” src=”js/libwebp-0.2.0.min.js”></script>

    which is probably self explaining.

    By the way are you sure FF support lossless webp native?
    I will have to check this.

    I know how to check if it’s loaded but it’s not!
    Ah no, I mistaken about FF, I can see my images with plugin uninstalled only in Opera and GH.



    Any news?

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    still trying…

    Conversion of all photos complete. What is the best way to update image format on site so to not break linking to pages/post?

    Thank you.

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