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    I love your plugin but could you PLEASE turn off the Dashboard Spam?

    Every new install gets this spam pop-up.

    It ads one more click to life and annoys users. If someone just installed a plugin, most of them already know to go to the plugin’s settings.

    I’m on a campaign now to clear up the WP Dashboard and get rid of all the flyout, pop-ups, and notices at the top of the page.

    Thank you for considering users.

    ------------ here is the pop up -------------

    WP External Links

    Thank you for installing the WP External Links plugin!
    Open WP External Links to manage your links, and configure settings.


    Screenshot for those who are unsure:

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    It’s not a popup, it’s a WP pointer. A feature built into the WP admin specifically for purposes such as this one. I know it’s hard to believe for seasoned users but those who are just learning WP actually do not know where the menu for the new plugin they installed is. So this helps them. Also, I think the dismiss link is quite visible and once you click it the pointer is gone.

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