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    Hi, guys. Your reviews app is really awesome and support is fantastic. But there’s one thing which is not so good – your widget script is really heavy. It’s 84 KB, which accounts for 1/3 of my JS. Although it barely affects speed on desktop, we have another situation on mobile. In Google PSI which uses Moto G4 simulation for their benchmarks your widget adds 0.5 sec of script evaluation time – around 1/4 of all script evaluation time which I think is too much for reviews plugin.
    Also I checked your competitors widget – it’s size differs from 20 to 45 Kb, which shows that lower size is absolutely possible. Please consider trimming your JavaScript.

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    Great to hear you are open to cooperation with users! Please do not misunderstand you – your plugin is awesome, it offers a lot of functionality at reasonable price point, easy customization and wonderful support. I just think you can optimize it a bit more in this area. E.g. if your JS file contains JQuery you can add option to exclude it as many sites already have it anyway. Very easy way to shave 30Kb – 1/3 of widget size!
    Can you please shed some light on fonts included into your widget – according to my experience no special fonts are used by widget, it sets the font according to theme’s style.

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    No problem at all and thank you for your kind comment! Inside our javascript file we have a special lightweight font for the rating stars. Also we can certainly put a word to our development team about your request but we currently are overloaded with new feature requests to our production app so we cannot promise anything anytime soon.

    Kind regards,

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    Maybe not soon, but one day in future it would be great to have in options under “don’t touch unless you’re a nerd” label some settings letting to host your widget locally, exclude JQuery and manage a way the script is called (header/footer, normal/async/defer) when delivered via your CDN.
    Will contact your support, hope they will provide me with some temporarily solution.
    You’re great, guys!

    I actually love the review star font. I prefer the star over the default woocommerce stars. in whatever you do. Please don’t remove the star font. Thank you.

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