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    Dear Fellow WordPress Users 🙂 I’m stumped! I searched the Internet but couldn’t find the name of the theme used in the following images. I want to use the theme for a site. Could you have seen it, and remember where I might find it? The images of a theme that a designer (who is not available now) provided are linked below. Please note that the designer must have, I feel, seen the theme somewhere and made up the demo images in the links.

    Image 1
    Image 2
    Image 3

    Please help out. Or I’ll have to go in for, and configure, the TheStyle theme. I’m not looking forward to that 🙁 🙂

    Thanking you,

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  • esmi


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    99.99% of the time, we cannot identify a theme via screenshot. We need to see the site using that theme.

    So true. I searched, I googled, I failed 🙂

    But I’m hoping someone will recognize the column layout, operation, etc., and point me in the right direction…

    Hi Esmi! I found the site using this theme – here. Can we tell the name of the theme now? I’d like to get it for my use.


    That site doesn’t appear to be using WordPress. It isn’t a WordPress theme.

    the site you linked isn’t using WordPress, and doesn’t look much like the theme screenshots you originally posted. For the most part though it looks like a standard news or magazine theme.

    Dear Fellow Members, thank you for your replies. But are you sure it’s not a WordPress theme? It definitely is a CMS… But I’ll take your word as final, and head right into modifying another theme to look like the theme in the images (in my first post). Never done this before – wish me luck! 🙁

    Yes I am sure, you can view the source code on any wordpress site and at minimum there are files referenced from a /wp-content/ folder, such as theme files. All of the files referenced in the source code of that site are from the root /assets/ or /javascript/ folder.

    Easiest thing you could probably do is search through free wordpress themes, find one you like, and tweak it.

    Thank you for that clarification, alieneila. Yes, I see no WordPress references in the source code.

    Yes, I’ve taken up a theme closely resembling the images in look and operation, and have begun to tweak it. Let’s hope I succeed…

    More later; will post my result here.

    Good Guy


    Where did you get the original pictures from? Why can’t you post a link to that site?

    Thank you for asking,

    It is like this: a designer created those images, in consultation with my friend (who requires this site), as the final look of the site. The designer sent these images to my friend who sent it to me. I’ve begun to think that this site does/did not exist, and the images were a cut/paste job. The designer is unavailable, and so I can’t confirm that.

    Looks like this is another one of those times when there’s no easy way out 🙂 I’m going to have to muddle my way through tweaking a suitable theme. 🙁

    ClaytonJames, I’m marking this topic as resolved.

    Well done. 🙂

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