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    I’m working with a developer to build a WooCommerce site from my current BigCommerce site. This guy is sharp and knows WooCommerce, but he’s saying many of my products will require building as many as 300 variations each.

    The attached link shows a product where this is the case. There are 4 options that can be selected for this product (Model, Size, Blow and Value). These options have a total of 24 possible selections. Only one Option (called Model – with 4 selections) has any impact on the price; for the other 3 Options, none of the selections change the price.

    Currently, in BigCommerce I only need to create 5 rules, so the buyer can select one of the 5 Models and any combination of the other options. The way my developer is building the WooCommerce site requires creating a new variation for every possible combination of the 24 selections, regardless of whether there’s an impact on the price.

    This is crazy. Nearly 300 variations, vs. 5 rules. Is there any way (including plugins) to set up WooCommerce to make creating options and pricing rules like that in BigCommerce? I’m hoping my developer is just mistaken on this issue.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Of course there are multiple options available, plugins do exist and several custom coding approaches can solve that.

    But you need to keep in mind that any deviation from “standard” configuration may increase required time/effort => cost of managing your shop in the future.

    Also, quite often, when a developer says something is impossible, it should be translated as “impossible within the budget”, or (s)he just does not want to get beyond the developer responsibilities, as the proper solution of your problem requires thorough analysis of your business processes etc. – rather a management task.

    Example of what can go wrong: if you customize your products presentation and you want to use automated product import or export some time later, these are going to have to be customized as well (extra labor/cost). Nobody would want to hear that they were the ones who drove you into a swamp where you have to pay and pay and pay much more than you expected.

    So it might help to try and discuss this problem with your developer using a different approach (but saying “a random guy from with a cat ava told me its possible” would not likely benefit the conversation).

    I might consider development. I like WooCommerce, but this Options setup is the most absurd method I’ve encountered. Who wants to exponentially increase the number of combinations they have to manage, just to add a text drop down that could be delivered in a text field with orders?

    I’m much more interested in a plugin though. What kind of plugins would allow me to present options as shown in the link above and manage them as I described with BigCommerce?

    Do you need to manage the stock of all of the variations?

    If not, then something like might help.

    We don’t manage stock at all at this point, but assuming we will in the future, we may have a few products where we manage stock with variations, but in most cases we don’t keep the inventory or the selections have no impact on the price. Maybe this will be a good solution.

    Hopefully it’ll work for you.

    Unfortunately I think the standard variations are the only way to manage stock.

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    Hey there @forkenbrock,

    We don’t manage stock at all at this point, but assuming we will in the future, we may have a few products where we manage stock with variations, but in most cases we don’t keep the inventory or the selections have no impact on the price. Maybe this will be a good solution.

    One thing you may find helpful is our Bulk Stock Management plugin that will allow for quickly changing stock on a variation level. Products can be filtered by product type, stock management status and stock status, and ordered by name, ID, SKU or stock quantity (as well as bulk applying stock statuses). But you know what is best for your store. Hopefully that will point you in the right direction.

    It would seem that I could use the WC Fields plugin in combination with WooCommerce variations? I think this is what I’m looking for.

    From the linked example in the original post:

    * I could make 5 variations of the different Models, which each have a different price.
    * I could make additional dropdowns with the plugin to deliver text responses for Size, Value and Type.

    A minor concern would be to make the dropdowns look alike, but I would be able to have just 5 variations, instead of 300. Am I looking at this correctly?

    Yes, that’s exactly what you can do!
    Getting the two dropdowns to look the same is another issue – but you should be able to do it with a bit of custom CSS

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    Hey @forkenbrock,

    I wanted to add that if all the other attributes besides Model will not have any impact on the price of the product, you can definitely do this with only 5 variations.

    You can create five variations specifying the Model of each one, but leaving the other attributes set to “Any”.

    Here’s an example:

    You will be able to change the price of each Model variation, but all the other options will still be visible for customers to select.



    Great. Thank you Fernando.

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    You are welcome!

    I can see that there are already a few good suggestions of things to try. So, I’m going to mark this as resolved – if you have any further questions, feel free to start a new thread!

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