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  • i tried to upgrade to 2.5 by doing exactly what i did on 2 other WP sites but with this something went wrong and the site was inaccessible.
    i uninstalled it through cpanel via Fantastico, which im hoping wasnt the kiss of death.

    my WP blog used to be in (meaning it was installed into) a folder called ‘archives’. i have that folder and all its contents on my computer, but do i need more to get my site back with all its posts?
    i also have fantastico’s backup which says its more than a month old, but that didnt work either. what i did to restore both was just to replace the existing folders with the backup folders.

    what am i doing wrong?
    did i lose all my posts or are they in this ‘archives’ folder?
    what needs to be done?

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  • Hi

    It seems that all you need to do is reinstall wordpress into your Archive folder.

    Its unlikely that by deleting a web folder that you destroyed your mysql data.

    Re upload wordpress and you should be fine. if you installed a backup and that includes mysql then you will be a month out in your posts.

    I hope this helps


    I don’t know what happened when you said “uninstall”, I only work with FTP myself. Asuming that Fantastico ‘just’ deleted the WP software, I suggest you try installing it again. Your posts aren’t in the “archives”, because they are stored in the database. If Fantastico didn’t touch that, you can just install WP again and get things to work just fine. If you can use FTP, I suggest you have a look if there’s anything left in the “archives” folder (regarding WP files).

    i use wsftp. the archives folder on my computer is all/only WP files. the wp-content, wp-admin, wp-includes and the rest. where is the database?

    You can’t access the database with FTP, but you can see it in you control panel (where you created it too). I don’t think that it is something to look it right now. If all the files are in the right folder, what did you mean with “uninstall”? And it might help if you gave us the address, since your works just fine (2.3.1). I guess you’re talking about another site.

    Found it?
    Also seems to work, but this time 2.2.1.

    Richar900… Do you happen to mean that you didn’t backup your WP database before installing the upgrade?

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    i uninstalled it through cpanel via Fantastico

    Why? Why in the world would you ever, ever do that?

    People… please, please, please stop using automated WordPress installers and uninstallers. They don’t work. They break things. And they lead you into doing crazy things like this. Install it yourself. It’s not hard. We’ll help you! Heck, we’ll even do it for you.

    Most likely doing this action destroyed your blog. If you can’t restore from a backup, then it’s probably gone.

    i did not backup the database and dont know how or what exactly that is. i only backed up the folder wordpress was installed in…

    Gangleri- no, thats not the blog in question.
    the blog was at – but then i successfully moved it to the root, the same day of the nuclear problem.

    Otto42 – i uninstalled it through fantastico thinking i was protected with my backed up folder. i will stop using automated uninstallers from now on. i was impulsive and had bad luck in the past asking for help so my newbie shame caused me to meddle with things i had no business doing =(

    does it matter that i moved from the archives folder to the root? fantastico didnt recognize a WP installation after the move, so to uninstall i actually loaded the archives folder BACK with ftp and then uninstalled…

    where can i find the database in cpanel to see if i nuked it or if its still there?

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    i did not backup the database and dont know how or what exactly that is. i only backed up the folder wordpress was installed in…

    Then you most likely lost the blog posts and such. Sorry. 🙁

    where can i find the database in cpanel to see if i nuked it or if its still there?

    Not sure as I don’t use cpanel, however look for “MySQL” or “Databases” or “phpMyAdmin” or anything along those lines.

    Richar900, files are replaceable. WP files won’t be updated every time you post an article or somebody drops a comment unless you go to the theme editor and make some changes. What matters is the database where you have all data. Every time I update WP, I use a data backup plugin to back up data. Then I also use phpAdmin to back up data. Upgrading PHP software is not a simple task. So I only do it very often, maybe once a year. It’s not about WP. Whatever you use, if it involves a database, you need to back it up before upgrading software.

    If you believe the database is gone, you need to talk to support desk at your hosting company to see if they can recover your data from a backup tape or something.

    I suppose this backup.sql file im seeing is useless?

    just got off the phone with server support and they dont backup anything automatically so if the database is gone then its gone. and it seems like its gone…

    clearly i dont understand wordpress’s full workings but your answers have all helped in one way or another.
    i am confused as to what are in these folders if not my posts, but ill learn im sure. Fantastico had a backup, which i unzipped only to find the same folder lists that i myself had backed up. rats. =/

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    I suppose this backup.sql file im seeing is useless?

    Depends on what is in it. Open it in a text editor and look.

    The WordPress files on your site are just the software. Posts and your content and such is stored in the database.

    >I suppose this backup.sql file im seeing is useless?

    When you back up a WP database with a plugin or through phpAdmin, the file name is likely to start with a database name. I don’t know all the backup plugins, but I’m afraid it’s not for your WP.

    Consider that WP files are replaceable parts. The database is the brain. Or suppose that you trash a software application and then reinstall it. Sometimes, setup files still remain in the system. And you can get the same application settings back. That’s just a simple analogy. By the way, your host is or Hostgator?

    Good luck

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