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  • Hello All!
    Thank you for reading this question.

    I am about to build a site where I will be selling phone numbers.
    I am comfortable on WordPress so I would really love to stay with that platform.
    I tried some shopping cart plugins but all of them failed addressing my 2 basic needs:

    1) each phone number is a unique product so I need some basic stock management to make each product sell only once (and be removed from the available product list after someone buys it).

    2) i need to ship those numbers by mail through a sim card that I will pre load and there is 3 types of sims out there so I need my customers to choose their preferred option… it can be a “shipping method” or an “add-on” (checkmarks, selectors, whatever…) It will always be flat rate so I need them to be able to just choose which type of sim they want.

    All the payments are collected through paypal only for now, so super simple… but I can’t seem to find a wordpress plugin that allows me to do that.
    Can anyone suggest something that would work for such requirements?

    Any help would be really appreciated!


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