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    Folks, before I begin my query, I want to apologise for asking this question for the 9,879th time!! I read almost everything that WO users had to say about the various webhosts but I could not satisfy myself with their replies. Hence I am beginning this thread with an aim to get the best results/comments from some of the WP members. Please bear with me.

    I am not too happy with my present host provider called I have been associated with them for 3 years (and they have changed managements over the time). My website has faced a number of downtimes in the past few days and frankly I don’t want to be with them anymore even if it means losing my money.

    I am looking for a webhost who can offer the following features:

    atleast 1GB HDD/atleast 4GB data transfer/Unlimited Domain hosting/unlimited sub-domain hosting/unlimited FTP accounts/CPanel(most important)/unlimited emails/FREE website transfer (most important)/etc.

    Please suggest a place which offers all these at around $5-6 p.m. I like what is offering & can consider going with them but I have question. I read someplace that they do not offer CPanel which I am used to now. What diff does it make without a CPanel? Regardless of the orientation, will it affect my website after the transfer?

    Let me know your comments/suggestions folks. All comments will be welcomed.

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    Free hosting if you have your own domain name, cheap if you want more bandwidth/add domains. I’ve been with them for over a year now and they’re really good.

    The support forum is great and all support emails are usually answered in a day or two at most. You can also use fantastico to automatically install WordPress from cpanel 😉

    I’ve read good things about (it has a $4.95 per month plan with a $9.95 domain name registration fee) – does anyone here have any experience with them?

    Thanks to Doctorralf for his suggestion.

    Rodeohk, Reseller Zoom sounds like a good hosting service (going strictly by the website and the features). It has everything that one could ask for except for the domain hosting limitation (but 50 is way too much I guess). I have bookmarked the website for the time being and waiting for the others to get back with their feedback on the Reseller Zoom plans.

    Dreamhost for me 🙂

    Excellent packages and support. “One click” installation for many software including WordPress.


    Hey Bhoosan 🙂

    I also found a link to another hosting site –

    It looks like an even better option for me as I’m a Mac owner, and it has WP already integrated into it! I’ve been unable to find any reviews of it online except for one on this very forum:

    Again, any reviews of Reseller Zoom or Server Logistics would be great!

    Thanks Paul. What difference has it made without the CPanel application? do you consider it an important factor while considering for a new web host?

    Hi Rodeohk, I will check out plans as well. Thanks for the help 🙂

    I wish that more reply to this thread, so users who come looking for good webhosting solutions can find it in one place 🙂


    Rodeohk, I checked out One thing I am happy about is that they are hosting on Mac servers. The flip side is that they are very costly. In that case I would rather stick to Resellerzoom 🙁

    “I wish that more reply to this thread”

    As you said at the top, this question has been asked zillions of times.

    Hmmm, well according to their services page (,

    It’s only $9.95 a month
    No set-up fee
    Only $12 to set up a domain name for a year …

    … All on their cheapest deal! I wouldn’t mind paying an extra $5 every month for a better service overall.

    But if that’s expensive according to your needs then Reseller Zoom might just be for you. Hopefully we’ll get some more replies and reviews tomorrow 😉

    Somebody needs a hug.

    Podz, I offered my aplogies even before I asked my query (check my first post). Nevertheless, every question has a different reply which is based upon the user experience.

    Rodeohk, I don’t know how you calculate the viability of the pricing but at $4.95 RZ is offering 2GB HD space as compared to $69.95 for the same thing. Isn’t that costly in that sense?

    And who do you want to hug? 😉

    Heh, I’ve always been an impulse buyer bhoosan v_v

    I sent two inquiries yesterday to both RZ and SL. I got one e-mail back from RZ:

    wordPress will run on all of our servers.

    Thank You
    Mike Hermon
    Customer Service

    Looks like I’ve made my choice. Hope this helps!

    Let me know about the performance of RZ. I am in no hurry to shift my host although next month would be a good time ^_^

    thanks Samboll. I have already reviewed iPowerweb. Did not find it worth considering :-0

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)
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