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    Can you please remove this freaking “Are you enjoying Members” notification? I have clicked Yes, No, and the X a thousand times but no matter what I do it comes back every time I log in.

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  • +1 on this. No matter what option I click, it returns eventually. Our sites have multiple environments (dev, stage, etc) so this problem is multiplied even more.

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    Hi @shoelaced @adamwalter

    Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We appreciate it. I’ll be sure to send this as a suggestion to our developers for their review.

    +1 Will be removing / replacing the plugin soon if the feedback nag keeps appearing.

    +1 The message keeps appearing, which is most annoying indeed and a reason to look for a more decent alternative. Any suggestions?

    +1 on this, this is proving really troubling for us, and our client sites. I alerted you to problems with this months ago using the feedback option provided with this question, and still it continues.

    @zonebattler – I’m currently testing publishpress capabilities with a view to jumping ship too.

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    I switched over to WP Permission Manager:

    This plugin is forked from the last release of the popular justintadlock/members plugin, before it’s codebase was hijacked and turned into a sales pitch for a premium plugin by it’s new maintainers.


    My recommendation: Follow me!

    Addendum: When using WP Permission Manager instead of Members, you may keep your Members localization files under their original names. They will continue to work since WP Permission Manager is actually a fork of Members (without the added bloatware stuff). Great!

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    Since the developer has no incentive to fix this and the plugin hasn’t been touched for 6 months, I have added the following to my theme’s functions.php to hide the nag:

     * Hides incessant review nag from Members plugin.
    add_action('admin_head', function() {
        echo '<style>#members_review_notice { display: none; }</style>';

    Thanks @adamwalter this is an absolutely ridiculous notification that won’t go away.

    @adamwalter, the hero we needed.

    The developer is clearly ignoring this issue as it was raised in another thread too only a week ago (with a “we will follow up” response).

    Thanks @adamwalter

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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