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  • Occasionally the WP team tries to add new features, or the most annoying part; change the function of features that you have just learned to use. I find this so unnecessary. Why not allow users the OPTION to chose how they want to use these features instead of superimposing a new usability of them?

    For example, recently the Widget feature seemed to have been changed. I can no longer drag and drop the widgets I want to use. Instead someone has decided to superimpose on me that each widget has to open in a separate window… This becomes much more difficult to control them and keep in mind what is where instead of the simple drag and drop feature. Why superimpose poor new ideas onto us? Allow users to chose how they want to use these features…

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  • The drag and drop feature to build widgets in a sidebar still exists.

    Robert Kenny


    I am having problems too with 2.9 and widgets.. no longer can I drag an available widget to the sidebar. Yes, the ‘hand icon’ appears but when I try to drag the widget, nothing happens… I have two sites, one has not been upgraded and the widget dragging works as usual.. the site that has been upgraded appears to be broken



    Community Organizer

    Widgets are drag and drop. If you are having to load multiple steps in screen refreshes, you’re getting the no-JavaScript version. Either your JS is turned off, your connection is glitchy and your browser is hiccuping re JS, or there’s some other bug. If you want someone to investigate, please reply with your WP version, browser/version and OS info.

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