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  • Spicy


    My old webmaster set up a blog for me. A link to it is on the bottom

    I need my API KEY. That is the Problem. I need my API KEY.

    I have a user name and password when I login here

    But, my API doesn’t appear where it’s supposed to. Is it possible that my old webmaster has a master account that controls this and other blogs?

    I know that he does have at least one more wordpress site. That’s not connected to my blog or what I’m doing.

    If this is the case, then how do I get my own API KEY?? And, can I connect it to my existing blog?

    Here is a link to my “glog”. My question is the most important thing but if you actually spend the time to read this glog (blog for girls) you will get a chuckle. Here is a link to a current posting

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  • MichaelH




    I went where they told me the api key should be but it’s not there. Re read my whole post if you have time, you might be the only one that can help me figure this out.

    Do you have account? If not you need one.

    No, do you think my old webmaster has one? I know that he has one other wordpress blog that’s not connected to my site or what I’m doing.

    I really don’t want to contact him about this if I don’t have to. He is not my webmaster any more.

    I created a username and password to post here. Is that different than having an account?

    If so, does that mean that my blog is possibly under my old webmaster’s account?

    Can I create an account and then switch my blog to that account?

    This is my first time posting in a forum ever. Thank you for being o helpful.

    You need to create an account at wordpress.COM to get an API key that you can use with Aksimet on your own hosted blog.
    You can get an account here, you don’t need another blog, just an account, the API key will be in THAT profile.
    If you run into problems take a look at these links.


    Ok, I did that. I got a new account and see an API KEY. I still have a couple of questions.

    Why do I not see an API key on my current profile for my current blog. I sign in here if this helps This is where I sign in and write blogs. Doesn’t this mean that I already had an account? What I’m I signing in with if this is not my account?

    Also, is there a way to connect this API key with my blog?

    Does it even work that way? What is Akismet?

    If so, is it possible that my blog is already under someone else’s account through Akismet?

    I have no idea how this works.

    Akismet is a plugin to prevent spam on your blog.
    The API key from can be used with Akismet if you choose to activate it.
    THe API key can only be accessed from your account. This is why it is not in your current blogs profile.

    If so, is it possible that my blog is already under someone else’s account through Akismet?

    No, your key is unique to your new account and your old webmaster does not know it, and cannot use it.
    Hope it works out for you.

    Do I need to connect my new API KEY with my blog that I’ve had for over a year?

    How was that blog created if I didn’t have an account?

    Now, I have a blog and a wordpress account. Are they 2 separate things? Do I have to link them together somehow? Thank you

    Also, youtube is asking me for my API KEY and url of my blog.

    But, it’s asking me if I am on wordpress or wordpress self hosted. How do I know the answer to that?

    It’s asking me for my “API URL” and “API KEY”

    This is a link to funny t shirts for girls blog – Is this my “API URL”

    The API key you have from has nothing to do with you tube.
    Yes, your account and your own self-hosted blog are two seperate things. – Is this my “API URL”
    No.Any idea, why your BLOG is in a directory called GLOG. Fascinating.
    Hope you get there,Mike.

    We called it a glog because it’s a blog for girl.

    This is the Youtube link that asks for your API KEY and the API URL.

    How do I know if I have a wordpress account or if it is self hosted?

    Here is a link again to my blog

    When I go to my profile for this blog, I don’t see an API KEY. I’m confused

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