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    Afraid to try any more of your updates. Each one breaks something new and causes new expensive headaches. We can’t really expect our clients to pay for the time to fix this and with it broken, some of them are looking at us like we are not competent. You guys have a big responsibility to the community and you need to make this right.

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  • 3pepe3


    I agree with you



    No please, I’ve spent all-day-saturday fixing and arranging the new Nextgen gallery and now I’m very satisfied!
    (Except for a few things that there aren’t anymore in the new version…)
    Maybe for professional use you may think to buy pro version.



    tizz: Why on earth would we pay for something that is broken already?

    On the other hand, we are happy you are satisfied.



    I tried rolling back to 1.9 as per the instructions. Unfortunately, when I went back to activate the plugin in its not listed any longer. I don’t suspect any loss data but not sure how I can get back where I was. Also, I did reset the Chrome browser. No luck.



    This is how I rolling back to 1.9.13:
    – Backup DB (I used MySqlDumper, but you can do it with other mysql tools like phpMyAdmin)
    – Backup plugins folder
    – Manually delete NextGen 2.11
    – Upload 1.9.13

    Result: website runs 10x faster (including backend). Image upload working fine, no more garbage in database (wp_options table had more than 200MB in few days thanks to NG 2.x), NG options in backend working fine (faster and no more “nested” layout for albums and galleries), many other bugs removed from NG 2.x…also very important: CPU usage decreased a lot after rolling back.

    And finally I “cleaned” DB that NG 2.x made:

    DELETE FROM wp_options WHERE option_name LIKE (‘displayed_galleries_%’);

    Tested on 5 sites (with different themes) powered by WP with NG plugin.



    Agree – I had to rollback to 1.19.13 now my stuff


    and back to the previous speed.

    2.0 + has been a pain in the… Looks like I may need to find a different solution for my five sites.



    Eevan79 thanks. I found out similar. Deleted the 2.0 plugin from the directory and loaded the 1.9 from the Admin panel and activated and everything is working.



    did any of you tried 2.0.11 before you decided to uninstall?
    Or did you unininstall 2.0.7?

    Anybody know if any of these problems are solved in 2.0.11?

    I have som trouble with 2.0.7 – it adds entries in postmeta table, and they appear in the drop down list for existing Custom Field – so my own fields gets lost…




    As far as I know the problems are after 1.19.13. version.
    With 2.0.7: high CPU usage (and site drastically slow down including backend), NextGen 2.x rapidly inserts temp files/junk in wp_options table, so that the database grows over 150MB in just few days. This is major problems that could cause your account to be suspended (by your webhost)…small bugs I didn’t mention but there are lots of.
    2.0.11 brings even more bugs.

    Unfortunately, I think it can not be fixed any time soon (specially if it continue to use the same logic and framework).

    Just for info:
    did try 2.0.11, but same trouble as before:
    (it adds entries in postmeta table, and they appear in the drop down list for existing Custom Field – so my own fields gets lost…)

    Did uninstall and went back to 1.19.
    Deleted entries in wp_otions table phpmyadmin… (compared qith an old backup qhiche entries to leave)

    Everything is fine again.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    We have been actively working on speed improvements and enhancements, please try the latest beta version that can be found here:

    … or feel free to wait for the next stable version due out very soon.

    photocrati, we need it to continue to work with cart66 just like it always has please. Thank you:-)

    I just did a quick test for NGG 2.0.12 and compare with 1.9.13.
    Homepage – total queries (and average page load time) – same other plugins and settings:
    2.0.12 – 116 queries (3.5 sec)
    1.9.13 – 48 queries (0.8 sec)
    Only one entry for displayed galleries (seems fixed, but need more testing).

    “Gallery Settings” and “Other Options” -> accordion menu (ugly, in my opinion). It was much better and clearer before.

    Still bug with Manage Album option in Admin panel – Contents of Albums IDs displays over “Select gallery” box. Not a big deal, but it looks ugly and it’s not happened before.

    Hotfix“: nggadmin.css (/products/photocrati_nextgen/modules/ngglegacy/admin/css/)
    .groupItem .item_top {
    and add just before closing } and change height to height: 100%;
    div .groupItem {
    change width: 295px; to width: 100%;
    (and optional increase line-height). Also add:

    word-wrap: break-word;

    Now albums are displayed in Album ID box (not over other boxes).

    It seems that the options are fixed, because now load faster. However, 1.9.13 is still faster and optimized, but fixes are noticeable.

    @ eevan79:
    I installed the NextGen – Gallery just this evening.

    I also had big problems with the version 2.0.11 (not working redirections etc.) and after reading your post I directly installed 1.9.13 .

    What do you suggest: As new user of the NextGen – Gallery, is it better to stay with 1.9.13 or to install 2.0.12 beta ?!

    Will I miss some features in 1.9.13 which are in 2.0.12 beta?

    Thank you in advance for your answer

    Regards from Germany,

    I cannot even login to wordpress at all!! How do I roll back if I cannot deactivate?

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