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  • A online bookshop and arts resource and community site at

    Site is nearing completion. Includes some hacking e.g. I loop The Loop in order to sort entries in book categories according to publisher (in a custom field value) – but this requires breaking pagination and makes for very long browser pages on some category views– suspect I’ll have to figure out if its possible/how to sort stuff in the $posts variable before going into the loops – my php is skimpy so would really appreciate any help or advice with this.

    The menu at the top includes links to pages as well as category views. (Loop modified to show meta data for books, and comment stuff for other categories)

    I’m still busy finishing up the shopping basket section, but curious if this approach will work, using same database as WordPress but session id for identification, which means user is moving in and out of WordPress – is there a better way? (Din’t find a cart/plugin that would fit the bill)

    Also curious which is the best plugin to use to insert meta keywords and description tags for search engines on single views? (Oh yes, and still need to figure out how to make the search also search the meta/custom fields)

    Template is very vaguely based on Andreas 9

    More detail on plugins used so far etc. in my blog at (the bulleted list at the bottom of the post.

    Hope to finish off most of the site and go live with it (replacing old home page) by Friday or so.

    Any comments and suggestions will be carefully considered and very much appreciated.


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  • I am afraid your main/home page is soooo long that nobody really wants to take a look at it 🙁

    I like what you have done with the buttons at top…and the overall look and color scheme is nice. =)

    Just like moshu said though, it’s still loading after like 300.000s and still isn’t done, just going by my Fasterfox Page Loader Timer plugin.. maybe try lowering the index page’s post number down a bit or something.. :/

    Also, not sure, but the “All Publications” button on left sidebar is bigger then the rest for some reason..unless that’s supposed to be like that..I dunno. =) Just my thoughts and opinions.. =)


    Huh? What are you guys doin’ tonight? His page loaded in 8 secs flat for me (and remember, I’m on 30 year old analog dialup phone lines).

    It’s bland…. I don’t mind the colors themselves, just that they’re so bland in combination. And I really don’t like 3 col themes. You’re calling it an “arts resource” but there’s nothing there to promote interest. I’m not into graphics as a raison d’étre, but some direction through use of same would seem to be logical here. There’s SUCH a world of color in South Africa – USE it….

    Hahaha..vkaryl.. we were talking about his index page, the about page loaded pretty quick for me to actually. =) I’m also on a crappy dial up…well it’s a 56k, but I’m lucky to get 30k here and there lol! I guess that’s Juno for ya..

    Using a 800×600 res to..[sigh]


    I didn’t say it was slow. It’s way too long. I hate long web pages. Sorry.

    It’s not long, and I WAS on the index page! It’s just really one screen deep at 1024×768.

    [I lied. It was the about page, sorry. Too many other tabs open. I don’t mind the length though. Some good info there.]

    Sheesh, it’s almost like he put the whole site’s “store” stuff on the front page lmaO! [sarcasm]My as well not have any pages…just add it all on the home page.. =)[/sarcasm]

    Yeah, overall everything seems nice to me to..just needs to maybe cut down on the content on the home page a little/alot or something.. lol..


    hmmm,sorry should have said not to follow the home link – but then again serves you right for not reading my post above ;- )
    pagination broken because of sorting hack – that’s not the home page okay, the home page will be a static page – but thanx for looking anyway

    vkaryl:-), not my first choice either but what the client wants – who is a very sucsesful interanational art dealer, gonna have to trust his judgment, also, i like how the ‘bland’ scheme makes the images stand out in content which will increase over time, its a weblog after all e.g. on

    AndreSC, it’s cool. =) We had gone to the page you gave above, it loaded just fine for me. =) Just outta curiosity, had gone to the index page.

    I/we were just “basically making” a suggestion about it, because if “we” thought it was too lengthy, I’m sure the other visitors will think the samething maybe.. =) Might scare people off, might not. It’s cool, and it is your blog, not ours..

    Anyway, like I said before, I like what you have done with the buttons at top of page…and the overall look of it seems nice to me.. keep up the good work. =)


    spencerp: thanx. i do need to figure out how to limit the category view length after F-ing up the next previous paginatoin to sort entries by custom fields, definitely relieved that you like the look of it ;- ) suppose I was hoping some WordPress/PHP genius would give me some tps on how to fix it… (nudge nudge wink wink)

    EDITED* Sorry, didn’t know you made a new post on it lol.. Or maybe I’m being space cadetish again, and it’s for something totally different…mmm.. =)

    Well, you could try two things. In the blog control panel.. go to: Options => Reading

    Then, for the Reading Options/ Blog pages: put in a lower number for: Show at most: 5…or something like that..

    Or you could grab a plugin that helps you choose how many posts you want on various pages..

    Works just awesomely on my blog running 2.0.1 =)


Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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