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  • Very nice composition. Clean, but not spare. I really like both your color choices and your layout. I like the flash / animation on the right side — which actually manages not to detract from the content in the main area.

    As for the content layout, I like the “newspaper feel” especially the landscape style images over the Featured articles.

    I think you’ve done a very nice job!

    Thank you for your review, that’s very nice of you! I’m glad to hear you like it.

    One of the easiest to look at sites I’ve seen in a while. It has a clean professional feel to it.

    Good luck with the site.

    So that’s what a great site looks like.
    Well Done

    Actually, if you read carefully the proverbial “small print” – you can see what theme has been modified.
    Nevertheless, it’s a nice mod of it…

    (of course, you can also download and use the theme)

    Thank you all very much for your kind words. Of course most credits goes to Darren for creating the wonderful Mimbo theme. It seems you enjoyed the mods though, and I’m very happy for that.

    Yeah, nice and clean even if modified.

    I agree with the others. A professional and pleasing look.

    Really nice design — very easy to read and visually beautiful. And it’s quite different than the look of the original Mimbo theme, so you deserve congrats on some great design work.

    Very Nice site, One critique though. The tabbed panels have when selected a small border around it which is find but maybe the bottom border should not be their so then the page tab will look blended with the site.

    I think that the Luma Sign shouldn’t be cut off at the bottom in the white area. If anything maybe on the border of white & grey. Also a black border or a drop shadow will make the logo pop more. Besides that it’s a amazing theme.

    Thank you all, and especially garfinkel for pointing out these interesting issues. I will give them a thought!

    i agree its very pro looking. the theme matches the site content very well.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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